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MTV’s 2008 ‘Hottest MCs In The Game’

After last year's hotly debated 'Hottest MCs In The Game' countdown, MTV aired the 2008 edition of the special yesterday. Check out the list below of who the network's panel (MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust) consider to be the top 10 MCs right now. The main criteria when compiling the list was simply MCs who have been prominent within the last year. The list...

10. T.I. (#2 in 2007)
9. André 3000 (#4 in 2007)
8. Young Jeezy (#6 in 2007)
7. Lupe Fiasco (not on 2007’s list)
6. 50 Cent (#8 in 2007)
5. Snoop Dogg (not on 2007’s list)
4. Rick Ross (not on 2007’s list)
3. Lil Wayne (#1 in 2007)
2. Jay-Z (#7 in 2007)
1. Kanye West (#5 in 2007)

Interesting to say the least, overall I agree with the group in general, but the individual placement is a little off. The most obvious is Lil Wayne, I personally think Kanye is in the right position, but Weezy should definitely be behind him.

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