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2008 BET Awards Breakdown: Best Director

Hype Williams
Chris Robinson
Gil Green
Benny Boom
Erykah Badu and Mr. Roboto

Who Should Win?
Hype Williams, because he has a rare gift as a director to really bring a song to life using his visual aspects.

Who Will Win?
Hype Williams.

Who Should Have Been Nominated?
Kevin Bray, for his gritty outtakes, which can be seen prominent in Ashanti's video for 'The Way That I Love You' and Melina, for the street vibes and creative approaches she uses that was seen in artist from Beyonce to most recently Solange.

Who Shouldn't Have Been Nominated?
Erykah Badu and Mr. Roboto's video looks like something I could have shot in my garage.

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