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Album Review: The Pussycat Dolls - 'Doll Domination'

Following their hugely successful debut album 'PCD' and the seemingly disappointing effort of a solo career for lead member Nicole Scherzinger, the girls are back for a second round and other than their appearance, they don't have much to protect them in the fight with their competition.

With the help of hit makers Timbaland, The Clutch, Sean Garrett, Ne-Yo, Darkchild, Polow Da Don, among others, the dolls offer a sixteen track collection that ranges from Britney Spears knockoffs ('Bottle Pop') to songs that are as stupid and dumbfounded as their titles would suggest ('Whatchamacallit').

The infectious lead track, 'When I Grow Up', produced by Rodney Jerkins', is a number that may not initially impress you, but the track's beat, enticing lyrics, and Nicole's in your face delivery will surely have you dancing along before the four minute mark closes out. The album's second helping, 'Bottle Pop', which Sean Garrett compared to the energy of Usher's 'Yeah', seems like an attempt to play off the lane Britney Spears created, and while the track is catchy and one of the album's standouts, it only makes you question whether the track would have made a bigger impact if it was, in fact, recorded by the front runner. Another fun and upbeat number is the sinful 'Whatcha Think About That', the album's second single, where Missy Elliott's impressive entrance almost manages to make you forget about the girls.

Other standouts include: Usher's 'Love in This Club' younger sister 'Out of this Club', featuring R. Kelly, and 'Happily Never After' a track that was originally intended for the lead woman's solo album.

The bad sees the girls attempting to sing songs that outweigh Nicole's versatile, but often jarring voice, the Melody assisted vocals and ab libs that often come across as Christina Aguilera imitations that lack the soul and depth the pioneer offers up, and other times it just so childish you want to scream for the girls to GROW UP ALREADY.

'Whatchamacallit', is the prime example of this, as the third grade lyrics do little to make the track any better than its stupid name. 'Who's Gonna Love You', another song originally intended for Nicole's solo disc, is just so cliche that you will quickly brush it off. Others on the downside include: the ghastly 'Halo', 'Hush Hush, and 'In Person', among others.

'Doll Domination, I think not, more like DOLL DISMISSAL, however given the current state of music, I wouldn't at all be surprised if this effort becomes a big successful hit.

2 out of 5


  1. your taste is a dirt bag !!!! the album is great it is 10 out of 5 you certainly have no taste in music so i dont know why you have a blog about music ??? do a blog about something else i advise you

  2. I actually got the album today and its total garbage, their right, I'm surprised they gave this album 2 stars.


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