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Album Review: Robin Thicke - 'Something Else'

On his third offering, 'Something Else', Robin Thicke picks up the ball exactly where his predecessor 'The Evolution of Robin Thicke' and it's hit single 'Lost Without You' left off and, for the most part, he rides in that same lane all the way to the finish lane.

'You're My Baby', takes a strong resemblance to Marvin Gaye's oldie, 'After the Dance', as Robin chants "you're my only love", over and over, as if he's trying to convince himself more so than the woman he's singing to, still a worthy track all the same. The groovy, 'Sidestep', is a definition of pure sexiness, at it's best.

The lead single, 'Magic', offered a remarkable reintroduction to this generation's most premier blue eyed soul man since Jon B., in the early nineties. On 'Dreamworld', Robin paints a descriptive picture, depicting racism, regarding his African American wife/actress Paula Patton, and even the ever so tragic death of legendary soul singer Marvin Gaye.

'The Sweetest Love', is a simply joyful piano driven ballad, and the record's best offering.

Other notable tracks include: the groovy 'Shadow of Doubt', the overly compelling 'Cry No More', and the Sade rooted 'Loverman'.

The album's misses aren't necessary bad, they just seem awkward and like Robin is trying too hard to switch it up. The most efficient example of this include the bore some 'Ms. Harmony', the seventies inspired roller skate KC & the Sunshine Band inspired 'Something Else', and raw guitar Jimi Hendrix influenced, 'Hard on My Love', all of which takes Robin out of his comfort zone and just seems mistakenly out of place.

While Robin's career may never soar to the height of his peers, Usher and Chris Brown, he offers something that neither of their last albums did, both technique and more importantly skill.

Also unlike many of his peers, Robin knows his limits and the album is very much true to who is as an artist, not to mention nobody's falsetto game is stepping on his, Justin Timberlake included.

3.5 out of 5

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