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Hollywood: "50 Cent Has Lost His Hood Appeal"

Hollywood insiders are stating that 50's nonexistent appearance in the trailer for 'Righteous Kill', which he stars in alongside acting heavy-weights Robert DiNero and Al Pacino, is due to 50 no longer appealing to the 'Urban audience'. Check out the report below:

Fans may have noticed that 50 has been missing from the promotional ads for his new movie “Righteous Kill” starring Al Pacino and Robert Deniro.

According to a report found on Woooha.com, 50’s absence is due to the filmmaker’s concerns that he is no longer appealing to the “urban market.”

“The real reason the studio cut Curtis out of the campaign is because their research and exit poll information showed that 50 actually was not the urban or young demographic box office draw they were hoping for,” read the report.

“50 basically can’t draw in the core demographic that used to buy his albums by the millions. The box office let down of ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’ should have been a hint of things to come.”

“It’s no secret in the music world that 50 Cent has lost some mainstream appeal, but in the film world you don’t necessarily need multi-platinum albums to have a successful film career (Common, Mos Def, etc.) you just need to appeal to the urban demo. 50 clearly is losing that appeal.” {Source}

With the big loss to Kanye to G-Unit's shameful album sales, it seems that 50's career has been on a steady decline, but that decline didn't stop him from banking 150 million this year, so obviously he's still doing something right.

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