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Beyoncé: Gaining 15 Lbs. to Play Etta James Was Tasty

Beyoncé reclaimed her bootylicious curves (and then some!) to play soul singer Etta James in the upcoming film Cadillac Records.

"I gained almost 15 pounds to play the role," Beyoncé, 27, says in the November issue of In Style. "It was way easier – and tastier – than having to lose so much weight for Dreamgirls."

Her legendary role didn't only affect her figure, but it also rubbed off on her music. "Lyrically, it's deeper than what I've done before," the singer, who recently debuted two singles, says of her album due Nov. 18. "I wasn't mature enough or old enough, or in touch with myself enough, to do this type of album before. I didn't have the guts."

It was only last week that the stealth newlywed opened up about her secret wedding to longtime love Jay-Z. "This is a new chapter for me," she says. "I'm terrified, but excited. It's like I'm a new woman."

Is it just me or is Beyonce, in her words, a new woman everytime she release a new album?

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