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Karina Pasian Disses Cassie

Check out this hilarious video of R&B singer Karina Pasian and her brother throwing shade at Cassie below:

Definitely hilarious, but I'm overly tired of people thinking that Jay-Z and Beyonce set the standard for what a couple in the industry is supposed to live up to.I mean its getting so ridiculous that some celebs can't even go into interviews with being ask when their going to get hitched, just because Beyonce and Jay did it, and furthermore you can't even have a conversation about another couple without them being put in the mix. I'm personally still trying to figure out why, they both lack emotion in the media and frankly their relationship seems more like a business arrangement than anything else, I know that's probably not the case (at least I hope not), but if anything those comparisons should start with Will & Jada.

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  1. I thought this was hilarious and was glad I watched it last night cause I knew it was gonna be taken down lol



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