New Music Roundup: Ciara / Toni Braxton - Celebrity Bug


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New Music Roundup: Ciara / Toni Braxton

With Ciara's third outing 'Fantasy Ride' due at the top of year, a new cut titled 'Explode' from the album has surfaced. Check it out:

Very nice and seductive track. With her team now billing 'Go Girl' as a buzz single instead of the previously announced first single, due to its failure to attack the charts, it will be interesting to see if Ciara can produce a track that actually shines as first single or at this point just single worthy material (this also fails in that aspect).

With a new record deal via Atlantic Records, Toni Braxton is also set to make her return at the top of year. A new song 'Melt (Like An Iceberg)' has surfaced from the recording sessions for her as yet untitled new album. Check it out:

I can't say I'm feeling this, at all. Toni shines best when she's actually singing, not when she's talking through the motions with a little melody, as heard in this track. She continues to try to conform her style in an effort for what's current at the moment. Where's the Toni with those big vocals? The one that grabbed our hearts, because she's not evident in this production at all.

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  1. Toni is not overdoing the song. She is a true talent and knows not to over sing something. The song is beautiful, I would hate to have her screaming all over the track. Other singers need to learn how to approach a song. Love Toni! I think you're wrong btw, this song reminds me of old school R&B she's not shaking her @ss or talking about single ladies. She's talking about her husband. Very mature R&B.


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