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Album Review: Brandy - 'Human'

4 and a half years after the release of 'Afrodisiac', Brandy is back with her fifth studio album (debut for Epic Records) 'Human', which the singer has cited as her most personal record to date.

Reteaming with frequent collaborator Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins, the producer behind the singer's biggest selling album 1998's 'Never Say Never', as well as, 2002's 'Full Moon', the singer reaffirms just how much the industry has change, sadly the change is not for the better.

The bouncy beat driven, 'The Definition', get things started out on a positive note, and reacquaints you with the strong raspy vocals that separates Brandy from the competition, in a good way.

'Right Here (Departed)', which served as the lead single, continues this trend, as the song not only served as an inspirational message, but also a personal exertion by Brandy that she's her to stay, as she coos: "We Ain't Never Going No Where".

'Piano Man', is simply a beautiful song, that also serves as a tribute to the undeniable chemistry behind her and Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins that allow them to create such magic on the musical front. 'Long Distance' is signature Brandy, right up the alley with 'Have You Ever', its a big ballad that's shines with Brandy's big emotional vocals. Brandy really takes the track to another place, her unique display of vulnerability just makes the already stellar track an even more enthralling joyride.

'The title track, 'Human', which was written by the singer along with Toby Gad, Esthero and Lindy Robbins, is another thrilling track, which just like, 'True', is just magical. Brandy's vocals are just simply amazing, shown most efficiently in 'A Capella (Something’s Missing)', a track that her peers Ashanti and Rihanna wouldn't dare try to pull off, and that wouldn't have the same effect if given a try by Beyonce or Keyshia Cole.

'Camouflage', 'Torn Down', and 'Fall', are others on the grounds of stellar.

With Brandy, the bad doesn't come in the form of ridiculously bad tracks, but instead just tracks that you don't really care for, like 'Warm It Up (With Love)', 'Shattered Glass', and '1st & Love'. All are sung well, but none of which would be missed, if they had been left on the drawing board.

Overall, 'Human' is an overly solid enjoyable effort, definitely not a personally best for Brandy, as 1998's 'Never Say Never' stays locked in that position, that said, a very nice effort all the same.

4 out of 5

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