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Album Review: Mya - 'Sugar & Spice'

Following her departure from Universal Motown, which included a shelved album 'Liberation' that never saw release, R&B sensation Mya is back with 'Sugar & Spice', which will be released exclusively in Japan through Manhattan Records.

The dance friendly, 'Must Be the Music', which goes right up the alley with Rihanna's hit 'Don't Stop the Music', starts the set off on a good pace with the help of its electro-thumping beat and catchy lyrics. 'Sold On Your Love', as well as, 'One For You', continue this trend, although at times both tracks feel like Mya is holding back and not expressing all that she can vocally.

'Almost Naked', is just as sexy as its title would suggest, while the thumping, 'Ego Trippin', remains as much of a joy to listen to as it was when it originally surfaced in early 2007.

'Shy Guy', a remake of the 90s hit originally sung by Diana King, is a hypnotic poppy interpretation of the classic track and surprisingly Mya completely pulls the track off with ease.

'Cry No More' and 'Money Can't Buy My Love' are among the other standouts.

The Ne-Yo penned, 'Paradise', is overly the set's weakest offering, in fact, Mya choosing the single to lead the set, explains why her career has been on the steady decline. The funky, 'Lets Go to War' and 'Back to Disco expand the list of disasters, while Sean Paul fails in saving the already disastrous 'Paradise', on the track's remix.

Overall, 'Sugar & Spice' is easily Mya's best album since her self-titled debut in 1998, that said, even though the album is solid, it still gives you the feeling that Mya is still a baby bird that isn't completely ready to spread her wings and fly. The vocals are just simply there, no emotion, no passion, and no drive, and its felt tremendously in her delivery and highlights the fact that unlike her peers Brandy or Monica, there is no sense of connection between her and the tracks. Nice effort, all the same.

3 out of 5

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