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Britney Spears Takes Over 'Good Morning America'

Britney Spears, started off her 27th birthday by delivering two special performances on ABC's 'Good Morning America'. The singer also announced that she will begin touring on March 3rd, which will consist of the Pussycat Dolls serving as the opening act. Check out Britney's performances of 'Circus' and 'Womanizer' below:




First off, Happy Birthday to Ms. Spears, and keeping with the positive, she looked radiant and her body is ridiculous, but sadly the same can't be said about these performances. At the beginning of 'Circus', I was like okay she's finally going to deliver that performance that shows she still has it, but then the pop star stepped down the stairs and it was literally all downhill from there. The performances were boring and uninspiring, and furthermore just felt like she wasn't trying or didn't want to be there. The dancing was minimal and even when she did it wasn't completely in sync with the others, even the dance break in 'Circus' lacked any real choreography. I've always cut Britney a break for the lip syncing because its well known that she more of a performer than a singer, but honestly IMO she doesn't dance enough in her recent performances to warrant her being excused for the use of the backing track. Step your game up.

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