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CB's Top 10 Videos Of 2008 (#1)

Ashanti - 'The Way That I Love You'

The main ingredient of an great video is to leave the audience wanting more, and no other artist has a knack for doing that more than Ashanti (at least when it comes to videos).

Directed by Kevin Bray, who also directs episodes for the 'Law & Order' and 'CSI' franchises, her stunning video for 'The Way That I Love You' premiered way back in February and still standouts among the crowded videos that premiered in the latter 10 months. Taking the 'Snapped'/woman scorned concept and placing it to this song was simply a match made in heaven, since the song was extremely emotional.

The greatest thing about the video is that it let's you decide the ending: Did she kill him? Did he kill her? Did she walk away? Was it just a dream? The ending was literally up to you and that's was one of the thing that made this an outstanding video.

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