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Carrie Underwood Performs At 'The People's Choice Awards'

Grammy winning singer Carrie Underwood, added three more People's Choice Awards to her already overwhelming resume, when she collected the awards for Favorite Female Singer, Favorite Star Under 35, and Favorite Country Song for 'Last Name'. In addition, she also performed, 'I Know You Won't', from her triple platinum sophomore effort, 'Carnival Ride':

Carrie is just outstanding visually and vocally, in fact, she's really the BEST FEMALE VOCALIST out now (Christina included). I know that will probably raise a few eyebrows, because it is a bold remark, but neither Christina or any of the other females out now, have constantly delivered stellar vocal performances.

I honestly can't look back and say I've ever seen a performance where Carrie wasn't vocally great, but I can't say the same about Christina.


  1. Are you kidding me? Better than Christina?Better than Beyonce? Better than Leona Lewis? Christina can still put Carrie to shame. Oh and I would beg to differ about no female artist out constantly delivering stellar vocals. Beyonce and Leona Lewis, Leona Lewis especially continually deliver great vocals. Just because Christina has had some off performances she's better vocally than Christina. GIVE ME A BREAK.

    BTW I love Carrie and have always supported her. From day 1 on American Idol actually. I just find someone saying she's the best vocalist out, dumb.

  2. I guess its just a matter of opinion, but I happen to agree, Carrie constantly turns out great performances, Leona too, Beyonce is no where near Carrie or Christina. Christina does have her off momoments, but Carrie just has a great voice.

  3. I honestly forgot about Leona Lewis, further proving just how BORING and forgetable she is, but yes she also constantly delivers great vocal performances, but I happen to prefer Carrie's voice over hers, which I guess is just a matter of taste.

    As for the Beyonce comment, I won't even try to justify that, because there are loads of performances where she isn't vocally great, but her grand performances do a great job of hiding that.

    As for Christina, I do think she's a better singer than Carrie, but as far as consistancy, Carrie wins hands down. Like I previously stated, I have yet to see a performance from her that wasn't vocally great and thats including her days on AI.


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