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Past Attack: Shanice - 'Yesterday' Live

Past Attack reemerges this week with the criminally underrated talent Shanice and her stellar track, 'Yesterday'. Vocally, Shanice was on the level of Mariah and Whitney, but judging by recent videos from the three, she seems to be the only one still there, that said, Laface wrongly mismanaged her 1999 album, 'Shanice', and she was never given the chance to truly prosper.

The album also saw the former teen star sporting a sexy new image, and more relevant music, which was effortlessly done by not compromising her signature style of delivering big time on the forefront with her vocals, further proven here. I'm not sure which award show this is, my guess is Soul Train, Essence, or somewhere in that line, but the performance is what matters here, and its off the scales especially when compared to the females singing today.

The 90s and before, for me, remain the most pleasing decades of music, because that's when REAL TALENT actually flourished, compared to today when the likes of Rihanna are allow to turn out one album, three times, but genuine talent like Shanice are forced to release independent albums and work four times as hard, for it to still go unnoticed.

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