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Soulja Boy Robbed At Gunpoint

A representative for teen sensation Soulja Boy has confirmed the young entertainer was assaulted last week.

Unconfirmed reports began circulating on New Year’s Eve that Soulja Boy and several of his close friends were ambushed and robbed at gunpoint on Tuesday night (December 30) after six men invaded the rapper’s home.

Allegedly, Soulja Boy’s friend Jbar was nearly taken hostage during the robbery.

The following day (December 31), a video surfaced of two masked men claiming responsibility for the crime.

In the clip, the duo boasted of stalking Soulja Boy before the attack by attending his album release party and subsequently tailing the rapper to his home.

The alleged thieves further described the robbery in detail. They disputed initial reports of there being six assailants armed with pistols and Ak-47s.

Instead, the alleged robbers claimed the crime was completed between them with one weapon.

Due to the two minute video’s over the top content, the clip was initially met with skepticism by fans and media alike.

However, a representative for Soulja Boy has confirmed with that an incident did take place, but the rep refused to provide any concrete details, stating only that the crime is “a serious situation.”

Soulja Boy released his sophomore album iSouljaBoyTellem on December 16.

Earlier this week, the teen rapper again sparked controversy by releasing a Youtube video accusing legendary lyricist Nas of killing Hip-Hop and destroying economic opportunities of other emcees.

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