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Etta On Beyonce: “It Was Just A Joke”

In a telephone interview to The Press Enterprise on Thursday morning, Etta James claims the comments she made about Beyonce Knowles last week, were just in good fun.

“I’m a comedian besides a singer. I wasn’t doing it to be hateful. I think I’m funny and she’s not the only one I’ll say something about.”

However, the 71 year old James also make sure to note that she takes a lot of pride in her signature song and would have loved to sing it at the Inaugural Ball Event.

“She got up there and sang it and didn’t give me a chance to sing ‘At Last,’” James said.

I knew a damage control statement would come soon, that said, I'm still on the fence about the whole ordeal, but only one person came out looking like a fool, and it wasn't Beyonce.

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