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Whitney Houston Covers 'Ebony'

Legendary singer Whitney Houston looks radiant as she covers the October 2008 issue of Ebony magazine, which hits stands on September 8th.

On Shedding The Drama:
"I shed a lot of stuff, a lot of unnecessary weight in the last three or four years. I left a lot of old luggage behind, and when I did, the blessings just started pouring on me, and the light in my spirit started to lift again," she tells the magazine. "I'm really humbled, and I thank God that people love me, but I [really] thank God that God loves me. I thank Him for chastening my heart, for never letting go. What I did sometimes ... I went off and did my thing, but He never let me go."

On Being Away From The Limelight:
"I was just ready to lay back and raise my daughter and just watch her grow and nurture her. And my mother's getting older. I wanted to spend more time with my mom [because during] most of my 20s and 30s, [I] was dealing with making records and traveling the world and being this thing -- icon, you know -- whatever this has turned into."

On Her Relationship With Her Daughter, Bobbi Kristina:
"She and I are not only mother and daughter, but we're good friends. I want her to trust me, to be able to trust in me, to know that I'm not going nowhere. If she knows that I'm there for her, she can depend on me. I'm the dependable one; she can depend on her mommy."

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