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Movie Review: 'Obsessed'

4/30/2009 0
Derek Charles, a successful asset manager who has just received a huge promotion, is blissfully happy in his career and in his marriage to the beautiful Beth. But when Lisa, a temp worker, starts stalking Derek, everything he's worked so hard for, are placed in jeopardy.

Scripted by David Loughery, who also penned "Lakeview Terrance", "Obsessed" takes you down the road of extreme predictability and leaves very little to the imagination of what's to come at the finish line.

Obviously, an updated version of the 1987 classic thriller, "Fatal Attraction", which has lived in the minds of moviegoers for over two decades, as we examined Glenn Close, as the woman disdained that let her frustration evoke an emotion that caught moviegoers, especially women, by the heart.

With that said, "Obsessed", is just the opposite, as the movie fails to establish a real connection between Derek, played by Idris Elba, and Lisa, played by Ali Larter. Furthermore, unlike the original thriller, there isn't any actual adultery, but with just an office flirtation that sends Lisa into overdrive.

Beth, played by Beyonce Knowles, who also met Derek when she was his assistant, comes across insecure and, at times, a little stupid. She is immediately jealous at thought her husband's new female assistant and fails to completely evoke the positive, strong woman image, that I'm sure the creators and Beyonce were shooting for.

Temptation after temptation, incident after incident, the movie finally draws to a close with Beth and Lisa sparring it out in a much buzz about cat fight, which although lackluster, at best, ends with the already anticipated death of Lisa.

The acting definitely plays a huge role in making the movie almost unwatchable, as the three leads all fail to deliver significant pieces to the puzzle. Idris Elba portrays his character solidly, but all in all, he just lacks a charisma and likability, which was indubitably needed to take his character to the next level. Ali Larter, blunders on every account to take her acting from the realms of bitchy teen movies into the bounds of sexy thriller.

With that said, both Idris and Ali have proven their talent on many accounts, so the biggest test arises in a non-musical Beyonce finally trying to show off her acting chops. Unfortunately, she continued to prove she has very little to offer in that field, given she never quite establishes solid footing. Sometimes she gives too much and other times she fails to give enough, and she continuously brings the words 'awkward', 'wooden', and 'forced' to the surface.

Direction and Visual:
This is definitely not the movie's downfall, but the director never quite gives you the sexy thriller that the trailer promised, and it fails to bring on a sense of seduction, and, put simply, is just extremely to tame.

In conclusion, the movie does entertain to a certain extent, but it's biggest flaw is that its billed a 'thriller', but is unsuccessful in the art of suspense. There just isn't enough done with the storyline and it lacks of sense of depth and just all around realness.

2 out of 5
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Surviving Suburbia - Season 1 Episodes To Download

4/30/2009 0
Surviving Suburbia, casts Bob Saget as Steve Patterson, put-upon husband and father. His wife (Cynthia Stevenson) loves him but is often embarrassed by him; his teen son (Jared Kusnitz) is smarter than he is and has a stronger moral sense; and his young daughter (G. Hannelius) loves him, but not as much as she loves Zac Efron.

Steve and Anne Patterson, along with their two children, Henry and Courtney, enjoy easy living in the suburbs. That is, until their new next-door neighbors begin causing problems.

:: Watch or Download ::
Episode 1 - "Hero"
Episode 2 - "Project Run Away"
Episode 3 - "DMV"
Episode 4 - "40 Days" (NEW!)
:: Watch or Download ::

Surviving Suburbia, airs every Monday night at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.
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Ashanti To Star On Broadway's 'The Wiz'

4/29/2009 0
Singer/songwriter, actress and author Ashanti will make her stage debut as Dorothy in the New York City Center Encores! Summer Stars production of The Wiz, June 12 - July 5 at New York City Center (W. 55th Street between 6th & 7th Avenues).

The Wiz, the 1974 rock and soul musical based on the beloved L. Frank Baum story about Dorothy and her adventures in Oz, will be directed by Thomas Kail and choreographed by Andy Blankenbuehler, with music direction by Alex Lacamoire, (the team responsible for the Tony-winning In the Heights).

This marks the second most esoteric adaptation of “The Wizard of Oz” she has been attached to; she also played the role of Dorothy in the made-for-television movie “The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz.”

Watch Ashanti as Dororthy in the 2005 television movie “The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz”, below:

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Lil' Kim, Chuck Wicks, Gilles Marini, & Melissa Rycroft on 'Dancing With the Stars' (Week 8)

4/29/2009 0
Check out Grammy winning rapper Lil' Kim (with reigning champ Derek Hough), rising country star Chuck Wicks (with real life girlfriend and 2x Champ Julianne Hough), 'Sex and the City' stud Gilles Marini (with 2x champ Cheryl Burke), and jilted 'Bachelor' star Melissa Rycroft (with Tony Dovolani), taking the stage on ABC's Dancing With The Stars last night.

Judges' Score: 28/30 (9,9,10)
CB's Score: 9/10

Judges' Score: 26/30 (9,9,8)
CB's Score: 9/10

Judges' Score: 27/30 (9,9,9)
CB's Score: 9/10

Due to her injury, the judges were forced to judge Melissa Rycroft's rehearsal performance.

Judges' Score: 21/30 (7,7,7)
CB's Score: 5/10

TEAM DANCES (Tango & Mambo, respectively) :

Judges' Score: 28/30 (9,9,10)
CB's Score: 9/10

Judges' Score: 25/30 (8,8,9)
CB's Score: 8/10
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Maxwell - 'Pretty Wings' Video

4/29/2009 0
Soul crooner Maxwell, lets the woman of his dreams go in, "Pretty Wings", the lead single and video off his first album in eight years, BLACKsummers’night.

“It’s about the last relationship I had,” Maxwell says of the delicate song. “How you meet the person of your dreams but at the wrong time. She was a serious muse and the song is a testament to what I wanted to say and say, to her.”

I wasn't over enthused about the track at first listen, but after a couple plays, I'm loving it and I think the video does it justice by capturing its essence. Not an overwhelming clip, by any means, but definitely solid.
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American Idol Recap: Final 5 Take On The 'Rat Pack' Era

4/29/2009 2
The Top 5 contestants vying to be the next American Idol, took to the stage last night to take on Idol’s Rat Pack theme week.

While this theme has normally set the standard for who really has the strength to go the distance, this time around Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, Danny Gokey, Matt Giraud, and Adam Lambert, all came out swinging and giving their best attempts at the bluesy, soulful sounds of big band.

Academy Award winner and Grammy nominee Jamie Foxx served as mentor for the final five, and surprisingly he made a great impact.

Kris Allen - 'The Way You Look Tonight"
When I heard Kris was singing, "The Way You Look Tonight", I immediately knew he would take to the task with ease, because the song's overall vibe just fits right in with the magical tenderness of his voice. As Jamie said, Kris wasn't trying to do the "throat Olympics", but instead just delivered a stunningly controlled and enjoyable performance.

Allison Iraheta - "Someone To Watch Over Me"
The last girl standing in the competition Allison, chose a big song and delivered her big vocals to make it a matching pair. The performance was controlled and she was pitch perfect as her raspy voice covered the track. It was just incredible. That said, I've never denied Allison's talent and I'm not going to start now, but I will end by saying she's my least favorite contestant in the competition.

Matt Giraud - "My Funny Valentine"
There's no question that Matt Giraud picked the hardest and most known song to sing, and fortunately he delivered. I wouldn't quite goes as far as Simon by calling the performance "brilliant", but I do think unlike the first two performances, it felt like he genuinely enjoyed performing his selection and that the music was just perfect for him.

Danny Gokey - "Come Rain Or Come Shine"
Danny is the sole contestant in the competition that has yet to deliver a vocally unimpressive performance and he broke the barriers of his past performances this week. It was just a match made in heaven, and finally you got a sense of star quality from Danny. As the judges said, it was just "outstanding", "stellar", "unbelievable" and hands down his best performance.

Adam Lambert - "Feeling Good"
For me, it is always either or, when it comes to Adam's performances, but this week he rocked it. There's just no denying his creativity and originality, but with that said, I still think Broadway would just be a better fit for him than the recording industry.

Bottom 2: Hard decision, but Allison and Matt.

Who's Going Home: Allison.
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Celebrity Bug's Top 10 NBA Teams

4/29/2009 0
Check out Celebrity Bug's picks for the best 10 NBA teams of the 2008-2009 season, as well as, our predictions for who will reign supreme in the conference and NBA finals.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers
2. Los Angeles Lakers
3. Boston Celtics
4. Denver Nuggets
5. Orlando Magics
6. San Antonio Spurs
7. Houston Rockets
8. Atlanta Hawks
9. Miami Heat
10. Portland Trail Blazers

Conference Predictions:
Los Angeles Lakers will undoubtedly prevail in the west again, while Cleveland Cavaliers should make it to the top tier in the east.

Final Predictions:
Kobe Bryant will lead to the Lakers to another championship, and I think making it there last year and losing, will only fuel his fire and drive.
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Celebrity Bug's Top 10 NBA Players

4/29/2009 0
With the NBA's regular season coming to a close and the Most Valuable Player getting set to be named, take a look at Celebrity Bug's favorite 10 players of the 2008-2009 season, as well as, our predictions for who will reign as NBA's best player.

1. Kobe Bryant
2. LeBron James
3. Dwyane Wade
4. Dwight Howard
5. Carmelo Anthony
6. Dirk Nowitzki
7. Chris Paul
8. Tony Parker
9. Ray Allen
10. Chauncey Billups

Who Should Win M.V.P?
Kobe Bryant has all the skill in the world and is undeniably the best closer in basketball. That with the fact that he makes his team mates better, should secure him another trophy.

Who Will Win M.V.P?
LeBron James is packed with the hype and given Kobe already collected a trophy, the league will likely give him the honor.
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Album Cover: Pleasure P - 'The Introduction Of Marcus Cooper'

4/28/2009 1
Check out a look at the cover for Pleasure P’s debut album, The Introduction of Marcus Cooper, which will be available June 9th.

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Eminem - 'Relapse' Official Track Listing

4/28/2009 0
The track listing for Eminem's forthcoming sixth album, Relapse, has finally been unveiled and can be viewed below:

1. “Dr. West” (Skit)
2. “3 A.M.”
3. “My Mom”
4. “Insane”
5. “Bagpipes From Baghdad”
6. “Hello”
7. “Tonya” (Skit)
8. “Same Song & Dance”
9. “We Made You”
10. “Medicine Ball”
11. “Paul” (Skit)
12. “Stay Wide Awake”
13. “Old Time’s Sake” (featuring Dr. Dre)
14. “Must Be the Ganja”
15. “Mr. Mathers”
16. “Déjà Vu”
17. “Beautiful”
18. “Crack a Bottle” (featuring Dr. Dre and 50 Cent)
19. “Steve Berman” (Skit)
20. “Underground / Ken Kaniff”
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The Dream & Christina Milian Interviewed On '106 KMEL'

4/28/2009 0
R&B stars The Dream and Christina Milian made a stop by '106 KMEL' radio station to talk about her new album, who shops more, why she chose to go blond, and the extent of their relationship.

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Heidi Montag - 'Wherever I Am' (EP Download)

4/28/2009 0
1. "Your Love Found Me
2. "More Is More"
3. "Turn Ya Head"
4. "Party Is Wherever I Am"
5. "Look How I'm Doing" (Remix Featuring Machine Gun Kelly)

Download Here
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Katy Perry - 'Waking Up In Vegas' Video

4/28/2009 0
Katy Perry parties and gets hitched in Las Vegas, in the video for her fourth single, "Waking Up In Vegas", off her platinum album, One of the Boys.

Loves it.
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Taylor Swift Covers 'Sugar'

4/28/2009 0
Country star Taylor Swift is the cover girl for the June 2009 issue of Sugar, in addition, you can peep some behind the scenes footage below:

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Beyonce On 'CBS News'

4/28/2009 0
10x Grammy winner Beyonce Knowles, appeared on 'CBS News', to promote her latest movie, Obsessed, which came in at No.1 this past weekend with over 28 million.

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Karina Pasian Performs On 'Raw Sessions'

4/28/2009 0
Island Def Jam recording artist Karina Pasian performed a brand new song called, "Mercury", from her forthcoming sophomore album.

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Beyonce Claws 'Obsessed' To No.1

4/28/2009 0
Movie-goers were hooked on Beyonce this weekend as the superstar singer's taut thriller "Obsessed" clawed its way to the top of the North American box office, final figures showed Monday.

The film, which also stars HBO's "The Wire" gangster Idris Elba as a businessman whose life is turned upside down by an obsessive new colleague, earned 28.6 million dollars during its first three days in theaters, according to box office tracker Exhibitor Relations.

Youthful fantasy "17 Again," starring US teen heartthrob Zac Efron, fell from the top to second, raking in 11.5 million dollars.

Another high new entry, "Fighting," punched its way to third place, telling the story of small-town boy Channing Tatum trying to make it big in New York City. The fighting flick, featuring intense bare-knuckle scraps, took in 11 million dollars in its opening weekend.

"The Soloist," an inspiring musical tale based on a true story, starring actors Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Foxx, came in fourth with 9.7 million dollars in ticket sales, also in its first weekend.

Rounding out this week's new entries was Disney's "Earth" in fifth spot. The documentary culls nature footage from the BBC's landmark series "Planet Earth." It brought in 8.8 million dollars in its first three days.

1. "Obsessed", $28.6 million
2. "17 Again", $11.5 million
3. "Fighting", $11 million
4."The Soloist", $9.7 million
5. "Earth", $8.8 million
6. "Monsters vs. Aliens", $8.5 million
7. "State of Play", $6.8 million
8. "Hannah Montana: The Movie", $6.4 million
9. "Fast & Furious", $6.2 million
10. "Crank: High Voltage", $2.6 million

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Lady GaGa Performs On 'Mooi Weer De Leeuw'

4/27/2009 0
Lady GaGa made an appearance on, 'Mooi Weer De Leeuw', to perform her No.1 hit, "Poker Face", from her stellar album, The Fame.

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'Pussycat Doll' Melody Thornton Reaches Her Boiling Point

4/27/2009 0
Amid continued rumors that Nicole Scherzinger is gearing up to go solo, which has only been fueled by their latest singles being billed 'Pussycat Dolls (featuring Nicole Scherzinger)', the mounted tensions between the girls finally reached it's boiling point at group's recent show in Phoenix, Arizona.

When time came for the youngest member Melody Thornton to introduce herself, she took a profound stand in thanking her family and fans for supporting her, even though she's not a featured vocalist on any of the group's songs. She went on further by stressing that her and Ashley Roberts were prime examples of "never giving up on your dream" and refusing to let anyone put you down. Melody's frustration was followed by Nicole Scherzinger, addressing the crowd by telling them to say her name.

Check out the madness below:

I've often stressed that by having only one featured singer and utilizing the other four girls as nothing more than backup dancers, make it extremely hard to take the group seriously. Melody's vocals are just as good, if not better than Nicole's, so I know it has to be frustrating for her to continuously take the back seat. In fact, its quite frustrating to watch.
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New Music: Electrik Red Featuring Ludacris - 'We F U" (Remix)

4/27/2009 0
Electrik Red and Ludacris get X-rated on the remix to the quartet's devious, "We F U".

:: Listen / Download ::
"We F U"
:: Listen / Download ::

The song leaves a lot to be desired and I'm hoping something comes to light soon that gives a true evaluation as to whether or not they have the goods on the vocal front. That said, in my opinion, the Ludacris feature marks the song's highlight.
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Robin Thicke Performs On 'The Oprah Winfrey Show'

4/27/2009 0
Grammy-nominated singer Robin Thicke appeared on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' on Friday, to sing his biggest hit, "Lost Without You".

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Taylor Swift - 'You Belong To Me' (Promo CD)

Kelly Clarkson - 'I Do Not Hook Up' (Promo CD)

Hurricane Chris - 'She's Fine' Video

4/27/2009 0
Hurricane Chris pays tribute to Halle Berry's beauty, in his new single, "She's Fine", for which a video can be seen below:

I know it was meant to be a compliment, but in my honest opinion, I think it not only shows Hurricane Chris' lack of creativity, but its also just plain embarrassing. I'm not impressed and I'm sure Halle isn't either, so TRY AGAIN.
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Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Wed

4/27/2009 0
'The Hills' star Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have officially become Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Pratt, after an early evening ceremony at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, California, on Saturday.

Montag, 22, and Pratt, 25, exchanged vows before about 200 guests, including Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Kristin Cavallari, Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado.

The bride wore jewels from Neil Lane, including a pear-shaped diamond floral necklace with multiple diamond chains layered over it, diamond earrings and diamond hairpins, which she picked out the day before the nuptials, and a strapless Monique Lhullier dress.
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Teairra Mari Featuring Flo Rida - 'Cause A Scene' Video

4/27/2009 0
Teairra Mari brings her girls along as she bust her man, played by actor Jackie Long, in the video for, "Cause A Scene", which features Flo Rida. Check out a preview below:

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Jennifer Lopez On 'The Rachel Ray Show'

4/27/2009 0
Multitalented star Jennifer Lopez appeared on 'The Rachel Ray Show', to discuss the duties of raising her 1-year old twins, Max and Emme, being a fashion icon, and trying to eliminate Pertussis.

You can view Jennifer's PSA by clicking here.
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Vanessa Hudgens On 'Access Hollywood'

4/27/2009 0
'High School Musical' star Vanessa Hudgens, participated in an interview with 'Access Hollywood', to discuss her upcoming movies 'Bandslam', 'Beastly' and 'Sucker Punch'.

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News On Jordin Sparks' First Single

4/27/2009 0
Pop Justice, has unveiled news that Jordin Sparks' forthcoming lead single will be entitled, "Battlefield", which they describe as a mid-tempo R&B jam.

The track was written by Ryan Tedder (Beyonce's "Halo") and Pop Justice has already predicted that it will hit No.1.

In other Jordin Sparks news, she will premiere the single on 'American Idol' on May 13th, but until then you can listen to a preview of her forthcoming sophomore album by clicking here.
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Leighton Meester On 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' / Signs Record Deal

4/27/2009 0
'Gossip Girl' star Leighton Meester appeared on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show', to talk about her interesting upbringing, the cast of her show, and music.

In other Leighton Meester news, she has signed a deal with Universal Republic through Time-Act Music to release her debut album in the fall.

The 23-year-old actress began recording material, described as having an "electro-pop edge", for the project in March and has clocked studio time with producers Polow Da Don (Usher, Fergie), Harvey Mason, Jr. (Justin Timberlake, Pink ) and Spencer Nezey (Jupiter Rising).

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Demi Lovato On 'The Morning Show'

4/27/2009 0
'Sonny With A Chance' star Demi Lovato appeared on 'The Morning Show', to talk about the sequel to 'Camp Rock', her hit show, and her upcoming tour, as well as, to perform her latest single, "La La Land".

Demi Lovato's debut album, Don't Forget, is currently in stores.
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Ciara Launches 'Fantasy Ride' Webisodes

4/27/2009 0
In support of her third album, Fantasy Ride, Ciara has launched a video series documenting her preparation for her upcoming promotional efforts.

In the first episode, we catch of glimpse of the sexy songstress rehearsing choreography, staying in shape, and offering acapella versions of her songs "Like A Surgeon" and "Never Ever".

An interest watch and this definitely highlights just how far Ciara's vocals have improved. With that said, an official Celebrity Bug album review should surface sometime this week.
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Lil' Wayne On 'The View'

4/27/2009 0
Lil' Wayne chilled with the ladies of 'The View' on Friday to chat and perform his latest single, "Prom Queen", from his forthcoming rock album, Rebirth.

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Lauren Conrad On 'The Late Show With David Letterman'

4/26/2009 0
'The Hills' star Lauren Conrad appeared on 'The Late Show with David Letterman', to talk about her departure from the show, choosing not to attend Heidi and Spencer's wedding, and what her future holds.

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Beyonce On 'Larry King Live'

4/26/2009 0
Beyonce appeared on 'Larry King Live' this past Thursday, to talk about singing for Barack Obama, the difficulty of keeping her relationship with Jay-Z confidential, her thoughts on Rihanna and Jennifer Hudson, her upcoming world tour, as well as, her newly released movie, Obsessed.

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On The Set: Brooke Hogan Featuring Stack$ - 'Falling' Video

4/26/2009 0
Check out this behind the scenes look at the video for Brooke Hogan's first single, "Falling", which features rapper Stack$:

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The Pussycat Dolls - 'Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny)' (Promo CD)

4/26/2009 0
1. Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) 3:43
2. I Hate This Part (Dave Aude Remix) 8:19
3. Bottle Pop (Moto Blanco Club Mix) 6:52

Download Here
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New Music: Sean Paul - 'So Fine'

4/26/2009 0
On August 18th, Sean Paul will release, Imperial Blaze, his first album in nearly four years, which will be preceded by the first single, "So Fine".

:: Listen / Download ::
"So Fine"
:: Listen / Download ::

With summer basically here, it just seems really fitting that Sean Paul would reemerge with the grooves of reggae, and fortunately, I think the song will notch another hit in his belt.
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New Music: Diddy Featuring Yung Joc - 'Diddy Bop'

4/26/2009 0
"Diddy Bop", is a new track from Bad Boy mogul Sean 'Diddy' Combs, that will not be featured on his sixth album, Last Train To Paris, but is rather just a track "for the streets and DJs".

:: Listen / Download ::
"Diddy Bop"
:: Listen / Download ::

In other Sean 'Diddy' Combs news, he will hit the silver screen next year in Universal Pictures’ comedy flick, Get Him to the Greek, with Jonah Hill.
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Taylor Swift Presents The 'Fearless' Tour 2009

4/26/2009 0
Country star Taylor Swift has offered fans a preview of what they can expect from her 'Fearless' tour, which kicked off on April 23rd in Evansville, IN:

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Jamie Foxx On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

4/26/2009 0
Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', to promote his latest movie, 'The Soloist', as well as, to perform to perform his latest smash, "Blame It" and "I Don't Need It", which featured assistance from Timbaland.

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New Music: Trey Songz - 'Amen'

4/26/2009 0
"Amen", is a new track from Trey Songz that will be featured on his forthcoming album, Ready, which is scheduled for release later this year.

:: Listen / Download ::
:: Listen / Download ::

In other Trey Songz news, the video for his first single, "I Need A Girl", is scheduled to premiere soon, but until then you can get a preview by clicking here.
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David Guetta & Kelly Rowland Perform 'When Love Takes Over'

4/26/2009 0
David Guetta and Kelly Rowland delivered their first live performance of their collaborative effort, "When Love Takes Over", at a recent party in Miami. Check it out:

She sounds great, but the acapella at the end leads me to believe the majority of this performance was lipped. That said, kudos to her if it actually is completely live.
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Miley Cyrus On 'Friday Night With Jonathan Ross'

4/26/2009 0
Miley Cyrus continued her promotion for her No.1 movie , Hannah Montana: The Movie, by appearing on 'Friday Night With Jonathan Ross'.

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Album Cover: Esmee Denters - 'Outta Here' / Official Album Preview

4/26/2009 0
Justin Timberlake's protege Esmee Denters has finally unveiled the official album cover for her forthcoming debut album, Outta Here, which will be released on May 22nd.

An official preview from the album, which features production from Polow Da Don, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Tedder, Stargate, Soulshock & Karlin, Kara DioGuardi, Toby Gad, and Claude Kelly, has also been revealed

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Movie Premieres: 'Obsessed'

4/24/2009 0
Beyonce posed at the premiere of her new film, Obsessed, at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, last night (April 23rd).

Other stars in attendance include the singer's costars Idris Elba, Ali Larter, and Jerry O' Connell, as well as, Kim Kardashian and Russell Simmons.

Executive Producer Beyonce looked absolutely breathtaking in a strapless black sequined minidress courtesy of Balmain Fall 2009 Collection.

Idris Elba, who plays Derek Charles in the film, currently has four movies in the works including 'Takers' with Paul Walker, 'The Finest' with Stacey Dash, 'The Middle of Nowhere' with Sanaa Lathan, and 'The Losers' with Zoe Saldana.

Ali Larter, who plays Lisa Sheridan in the film, is getting set to film a movie with Edward Burns and Dermot Mulroney, which has been given the working title, 'Stoolie'.

Jerry O' Connell, who costars in the film, and reality star Kim Kardashian, smile for the cameras.

Beyonce's mother, Tina Knowles, and her 'Dreamgirls' costar, Anika Noni Rose, were also in attendance.

Hip-hop icon Russell Simmons and former 3LW member Naturi Naughton, who is currently filming the remake of the 1980 musical 'Fame', also made appearances.

- - -

Be look on the lookout for Celebrity Bug's movie review next week.
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Lady GaGa On 'Le Grand Journal'

4/24/2009 14
Pop star Lady GaGa performed her No. 1 hit, "Poker Face", on 'Le Grand Journal', as well as, participate in a short interview.

Nice performance.
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Green Day - 'Know Your Enemy' Video

4/24/2009 0
"Know Your Enemy", is the first single from Green Day's forthcoming album, 21st Century Breakdown, which will hits stores in May. Check out the video below:

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Beyonce On 'The View'

4/24/2009 0
10x Grammy winner Beyonce Knowles, appeared on 'The View', to promote her latest movie, Obsessed, as well as, to talk about her runaway attempt and why she chose to play this particular role.

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Kanye West Featuring Young Jeezy - 'Amazing'

4/24/2009 0
"Amazing", is the third single from Kanye West's fourth album, 808s & Heartbreak, and features Young Jeezy.

Check out the Hype Williams directed video, which was shot in Hawaii, below:

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Lindsay Lohan On 'The Ellen Degeneres Show'

4/24/2009 1
Actress Lindsay Lohan appeared on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show', to set the record straight on her breakup with DJ Samantha Ronson and how she's focusing on trying to get her career back on track.

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Beyonce On 'The Today Show'

4/24/2009 0
10x Grammy winner Beyonce Knowles, appeared on 'The Today Show', to promote her latest movie, Obsessed, as well as, perform her latest smash, "Halo".

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Justin Timberlake On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

4/24/2009 0
Justin Timberlake appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', to talk about his new show, 'The Phone', kissing girlfriend Jessica Biel, and his love for the game of golf.

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Beyonce On 'The Late Show With David Letterman'

4/24/2009 0
10x Grammy winner Beyonce Knowles, appeared on 'The Late Show With David Letterman', to promote her latest movie, Obsessed, as well as, perform her latest smash, "Halo".

Despite not being too thrilled about the album, I have to say that the most rewarding thing about Beyonce this time around is that she is allowing more of her personality to come to the forefront.

As for the performance, something about it just seems slightly off or missing, especially the very start of the performance. Good stuff, all the same.
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Ashley Tisdale - 'It's Alright, It's Okay' Video

4/24/2009 0
"It's Alright, It's Okay", is the first single from Ashley Tisdale's forthcoming sophomore effort, Guilty Pleasure, which hits stores on June 16th. Check out the video below:

Overall, I'm really liking the song and it's accompanying clip, but Ashley has a huge task on her shoulders, which is trying to convince the general public that her new rocker image is somewhat authentic and not just a kitten trying to be a tiger.

Good luck with that one.
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Keri Hilson Answers Questions From Twitter

4/24/2009 0
Keri Hilson took time out of her busy schedule to answer questions from her fans provided by Twitter.

She talks about everything from her transition to singer from songwriter, her album's long journey, and other artists she has written for.

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Jennifer Lopez On 'Live With Regis & Kelly'

4/24/2009 0
Jennifer Lopez appeared on 'Live with Regis and Kelly', to talk about her participation in 'March of Dimes', why her twins will be her last, and who she predicts to win 'American Idol'.

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American Idol Recap: Lil Rounds & Anoop Desai Are Sent Packing, While David Archuleta Returns

4/24/2009 1
'American Idol' finalists Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai aren't closer to becoming household names. Both singers were dismissed Wednesday after it was revealed they received the fewest number of viewer votes on the popular Fox singing competition.

The third lowest vote-getter after this week's disco-themed performances was Allison Iraheta.

For the past several weeks, the judges have not been favorable to Rounds, the 24-year-old mother of three from Memphis, or Desai, the 22-year-old college student from Chapel Hill, N.C.

While the panel seemed to prefer Desai's rendition of Donna Summers' "Dim All the Lights," judge Simon Cowell called Rounds' performance of Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman" a "mess."

"I'm actually going to miss your family screaming at us every week," Cowell told after Rounds after she was eliminated.

The acerbic judge correctly predicted Rounds would be dismissed following her performance Tuesday, as did Celebrity Bug. The once adored R&B crooner, who originally wowed the panel with Stevie Wonder's "All I Do" at her audition, had been dubbed a copycat by the judges for the past several weeks. Desai had also fallen from grace after being selected as the judges' final wild card pick.

Two finalists were sent packing Wednesday, instead of the usual one, because the judges' used their new one-time-only power to save Matt Giraud from elimination last week.

The five singers remaining in the competition are Iraheta, Giraud, Kris Allen, Danny Goeky and Adam Lambert.

In addition to the results, last year's winner-up David Archuleta returned to perform his latest single, "Touch of My Hand":

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Ruben Studdard - 'Together' Video

4/24/2009 0
"Together", is the first single from Ruben Studdard's fourth album, Love Is, which hits retailers on May 19th. Check out the video below:

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New Music: Tahj Mowry - 'Scream'

4/24/2009 0
Tahj Mowry, who once starred in TV's 'Smart Guy', is gearing up to release his debut album later this year, which will feature this track, "Scream".

Listen / Download Here

I didn't even know he could sing, because he never chose to showcase it, but after hearing the track, I must say its exactly what I expected it to be (RUBBISH).
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American Idol Recap: Adam Lambert & Kris Allen Make Disco Shiny, Lil Rounds Dishes Up Her Last Round

4/22/2009 2
The Top 7 contestants vying to be the next American Idol, took to the stage last night to boogie to the sounds of Disco.

The stakes were at an all time high, due to the judges saving Matt Giraud from elimination, which will cause two contestants to be outed from the competition tonight.

The problem for most contestants when it comes to Disco is that the songs just genuinely come off with karaoke feel, so it was crucial that the contestants change up the songs enough to make them feel genuine.

Lil Rounds - "I'm Every Woman"
Lil Rounds immediately went into the night with a couple of set backs, first she barely escaped elimination last week and lastly she's the first performance out of the gate, so to survive she needed to deliver a killer performance. Let me start by saying the performance was one of her personal best, which proves just how mediocre the rest have been, but ultimately, it still wasn't enough. She had some nice vocal moments and she did managed to get the crowd hype, but it was missing the key ingredient of originality.

Kris Allen - "She Works Hard For The Money"
Unlike Lil Rounds, Kris Allen knows all about originality and this performance single handily proved that. No cheesy gimmicks, just a straight forward performance that was absolutely fantastic.

Danny Gokey - "September"
As I've said week end and week out, Danny's voice just puts him in the position of being able to sing any and everything, and do it justice. That said, my problem with Danny, which Simon confirmed, is that he just doesn't enough star quality.

Allison Iraheta - "Hot Stuff"
The song's title pretty much describes the performance. Allison has proved she can sing, but her problem is that she just comes across to old and it makes it hard to like her. Great performance, all the same.

Adam Lambert - "If I Can't Have You"
I don't even need to go into detail, because one word describes it all.....BRILLIANT!

Matt Giraud - "Staying Alive"
Aside from the song choice, which took the word cheesy to a new level, the vocals and the arrangement were a complete and utter train wreck. I've been a avid fan of Matt, but this performance kind of proved that maybe the judges should have saved their save.

Anoop Desai - "Dim All the Lights"
Simon called the performance, "mediocore at best", and sadly I have to reaffirm his thoughts, especially that last note. That said, it was definitely not his worst performance ("Beat It", "Caught Up").

Bottom 3: Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud, and Anoop Desai.

Which 2 Are Going Home: Truth be told, Lil Rounds delivered the best performance out of the three, but her past history of bad performances and being in the dreaded first slot, will ultimately send her packing with Matt Giraud.
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On The Scene: Eva Longoria, Ciara & Teairra Mari

4/21/2009 0
Eva Longoria Parker attended the VIP Premiere Screening Party of Kiki Melendez presents “Hot Tamales Live!” last night (April 20).

According to reports, Eva's character Gabrielle Solis, will have to deal with the return of her hunky gardener John Rowland, played by Jesse Metcalfe. While creator Marc Cherry remains tight lipped on that resurfacing, there has been some confirmation that Jackson (Gale Harold) is coming back to Wisteria Lane with an extremely important question for Susan (Teri Hatcher). Hint: It starts with "Will You.....".

Over the weekend, Ciara was spotted in Paris, where she promoted her third album, Fantasy Ride, by appearing on the French TV show Le Grand Journal.

Less than two weeks til 'Fantasy Ride' officially drops, so you know Ciara's promotion is about to kick into full speed including the United States and the United Kingdom.

Yesterday, Teairra Mari shopped it up at The Grove in Los Angeles with Danielle Crawley (of E!'s show 'Candy Girls').

The video for Teairra Mari's second single, "Cause A Scene", is set to premiere next month.
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