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R&B singer Ashanti recently stopped by the offices of US Weekly, where she answered questions supplied by fans regarding her album. Read below:

01. Can you tell us a release date for the first single?
Single is coming out way sooner than you think

02. Who are some newer artists you listen to frequently?
I like Adele, Katy Perry and Bruno Mars.

03. Do you have a favorite song off the new album and what’s the title of that song?
Two of my favorite songs the from new album so far are “Paradise” and “She Can’t”.

04. Are you going to tour with this album to the UK?
Absolutely will go on tour in the UK!

05. Are you doing anymore movies anytime soon?
I actually just got an amazing lead role which I can’t talk about too much but I’m so excited!

06. Tell us something we do not know about the album?
Something you don’t know about the new album – There’s one song that made me cry as I was writing it and again when I listened back

07. How difficult is it to decide which songs to put on your albums?
It’s excruciating to decide. I’ve tried so many different sounds, some out of my comfort zone, but I feel good about it

08. You’re the best female artist, bring back old school music before theres nothing left!
Awww..Thank You!

09. How will this album be different then your previous records?
Completely new producers, some from the UK, some from LA and lots of them are young.

10. Next year marks the 10th anniversary for your debut album (a classic) would do anything special for that?
Have something amazing planned for 10th anniversary. I spoke to two of the most instrumental producers on the first album a..

11. What kind of shoes does Ashanti have on?
Black 7-inch christian louboutin pumps with shoe inserts from CVS. LOL

12. What’s your favorite song out right now? P.S i love u and can’t wait for the new album!
Fav songs right now: “I’m On One” by Drake and DJ Khaled, Chris Brown’s “Beautiful People” and “Give Me Everything” by Pitbull and Ne-yo

13. What was the hardest part about making this album?
Hardest part was testing new waters, new people and taking on responsibility of my own label: Written Entertainment. I had to…

14. What were the major influences for your latest album?
Major influences: spending lots of time in LA and real life experiences

15. Does Ashanti style herself of does she have a stylist?
Of course, I have a stylist

16. What is your most memorable fan moment?
My fans are amazing! From the several fan books they made me to the birthday DVDs, the t-shirts, stuffed animals and etc.

17. Can we get a fan DVD uncut behind the scenes footage from momanger’s cam?
Actually, Momanger is working on that!

18. What type of record is the first single?? ballad, club joint, etc.?
It’s definitely not a ballad!

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