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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez, Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez

After two failed marriages, Halle Berry famously revealed that she would never marry again, but after only a year with Olivier Martinez, the actress has had a change of heart as the stud has confirmed that they are engaged to be married.

More details on Olivier's announcement and her custom engagement ring below:

Olivier Martinez Confirms Engagement to Halle Berry

Finally making the news official, French actor Olivier Martinez confirms reports from January that he's engaged to Halle Berry.

"Yes, of course it's true," he told The Miami Herald while promoting his new South Beach restaurant Villa Azur.

Contrary to reports the actress had a Gurhan-designed ring, Berry's emerald engagement bling was actually designed by Robert Mazlo of Paris, whom Martinez called "a real artist" who has been making jewelry for "kings and queens for many centuries."

The Oscar-winning actress, 45, costarred with Martinez, 46, in the 2010 film Dark Tide. They soon became an item off-screen.

Berry has been married twice before – to baseball player David Justice in the early 1990s, and to singer Eric BenĂ©t in the early 2000s – and has daughter Nahla, who turns 4 this month, with Gabriel Aubry.

Halle Berry's Engagement Ring, Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s Engagement Ring: All the Details!

Its emerald is perfect in color, its yellow-gold setting was hand forged, and instead of an inscription, it contains codes and symbols that only its wearer can understand. Halle Berry‘s engagement ring from beau Olivier Martinez truly “symbolizes the couple’s story,” according to the design house behind the bauble.

The ring, which Martinez commissioned from his Paris neighbor, Robert Mazlo, last year, is “a one-of-a-kind piece and cannot be replaced,” the jeweler tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The ring’s 4-carat emerald comes from old, “closed-down mines in Muzo, Colombia and the color is perfect,” the house continues. “The balance between the blue and the yellow in the green in that stone is perfect.”

The design also incorporates two diamonds in a textured, yellow-gold setting forged according to ancient Phoenician tradition. And while it doesn’t have an inscription per se, it does have hidden meaning.

“The ring is textured and contains codes and symbols which you cannot see … only the person wearing it can,” the jeweler says. “It’s very uncommon. The symbols and codes represent [the couple's] story and only they can interpret it.”

Mazlo, who has known Martinez for several years, didn’t realize he was creating an engagement ring when the actor came calling. But his house tells PEOPLE he “was very touched to be involved in [the couple's] story.”

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