I Heart You (Single Cover), Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton dances her relationship troubles away on "I Heart You", the first single from her seventh studio album. The new single was written and produced by the singer with her ex-husband Keri Lewis. Listen to the new single beneath:

The song is the adequate combination of what's current and what Braxton does well, and while some people may call this a sell-out move from Braxton, even on the dance-oriented single, she still makes her vocal performance the track's top priority and ultimately, its highlight. To put it simply, Miss Braxton still has I-T!!!!!!
NEW MUSIC: TONI BRAXTON - 'I HEART YOU' NEW MUSIC: TONI BRAXTON - 'I HEART YOU' Reviewed by Celebrity Bug on 3/09/2012 Rating: 5

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