Outer Space (Single Cover), Trina

Curvy rapper Trina takes on a new direction to match her new image on "Outer Space", featuring Kid Cadet and Vinny Venditto, from her forthcoming album.

While its hard to blame the veteran for trying to adapt to a sound that is currently dominating the charts, with "Outer Space", she simply comes up empty-handed and its mostly due to her delivery, or better yet, inability to delivery her lines with at a pace that actually coincides with the track, which was produced by Venditto.

As we have seen with the majority of her songs, the beat changes between each track, but Taylor's flow never does and it often makes the songs feel disoriented, an on-going issue that is even more apparent in her latest release. Listen below:

NEW MUSIC: TRINA - 'OUTER SPACE' NEW MUSIC: TRINA - 'OUTER SPACE' Reviewed by Celebrity Bug on 3/27/2012 Rating: 5

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