NBA All-Star 2012, Kobe Bryant

With the NBA Playoffs currently in motion, here is our annual countdown of the top ten players of the season (2011-12),  and our Most Valuable Player choices.

Also included is our predictions for the West and East conferences,  as well as, our annual countdown of the top ten teams of the year. Peep our choices below:

Top 10 NBA Players of 2012

01. Kevin Durant
02. Kobe Bryant
03. Lebron James
04. Carmelo Anthony
05. Russell Westbrook
06. Kevin Love
07. Dwyane Wade
08. Dirk Nowitzki
09. Chris Paul
10. Derrick Rose

Who Should Win Most Valuable Player?
Kevin Durant.

Not only did he average more points per game than Lebron, who finished third after Durant and Bryant, but his team also finished with a better record.

Who Will Win Most Valuable Player?
LeBron James.

Top 10 Teams of 2012

01. Chicago Bulls
02. San Antonio Spurs
03. Oklahoma City Thunder
04. Miami Heat
05. Los Angeles Lakers
06. Los Angeles Clippers
07. Memphis Grizzlies
08. Indiana Pacers
09. Dallas Mavericks
10. Boston Celtics

Conference Predictions
In the West, it is a toss-up between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Thunder, while Rose's recent injury leaves the path to the finals wide open for Miami.

NBA Finals Predictions
It's hard to picture Miami not winning this year, because of the improvements they made from last year. With that said, if any team can ruin their title hopes, it is the Lakers and their size.
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