Kelly Clarkson Covers Carrie Underwood

Kelly Clarkson (2012), Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is becoming known for covering other artists' singles through the fan request segment of her live shows, and for her show in Perth, Australia, the singer covered "Blown Away", the latest single release from Carrie Underwood.

The original 'American Idol' put her own spin on the soon-to-be No.1 hit, evoking more soul into the dark tale and scaling back the high notes that plagued Underwood's version and worked so cohesively with the title. Good rendition, but it simply doesn't blow you away or live up to the dramatic flare of the original. Watch it beneath:

Kelly Clarkson Covers Carrie Underwood Kelly Clarkson Covers Carrie Underwood Reviewed by Celebrity Bug on 10/05/2012 Rating: 5

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  1. SOOO Much better than Carrie Underwood's version. Felt more emotion....Kelly is incredible. She can make any song sound like her own. thanks for posting!


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