Video: Melanie Amaro - 'Don't Fail Me Now'

Don't Fail Me Now (Single Cover), Melanie Amaro

'The X Factor' winner Melanie Amaro walks a long road to find love in the video for "Don't Fail Me Now", the new single release taken from her debut studio album, which is currently without an official release date or title.

Much like the actual song, the video is forgettable and while Amaro may be loaded with vocal chops, there simply isn't a lot of star quality here or anything to indicate that she is worth the $5 million dollar record contract she signed after winning the show's first U.S. season. Watch the newly-released video and judge for yourself beneath:

Video: Melanie Amaro - 'Don't Fail Me Now' Video: Melanie Amaro - 'Don't Fail Me Now' Reviewed by Celebrity Bug on 10/21/2012 Rating: 5

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