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Video: Carrie Underwood - '2 Black Cadillacs'

Two Black Cadillacs (Single Cover), Carrie Underwood

After issuing a deliciously sinful teaser last year, Carrie Underwood has finally answered our prayers and premiered the full video for "Two Black Cadillacs", the third single from her platinum album 'Blown Away', which debuted at No.1 back in May.

The clip, which was directed by P.R. Brown, takes on the film 'Christine', which is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, and the beauty revealed to ET that she asked that author for permission to use his novel's plot. Watch the newvideo beneath:


What more can be said about Carrie Underwood at this point? With each and every visual (particular this video and "Blown Away"), the singer delves deeply into the story told by the lyrics and seemingly offers a fresh perspective that provides a twist without disrespecting what's already written. This video is just another shining example.

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