Video: K. Michelle - 'I Don't Like Me'

K. Michelle : I Don't Like Me (Video) photo K-Michelle-I-Dont-Like-Me-Video.jpg

'Rebellious Soul' singer K. Michelle takes a long and hard look at her insecurities in the emotional video for "I Don't Like Me", the third of eleven tracks featured on her forthcoming album, which is scheduled to hit stores on August 13th.

"Cause all that I can see is she’s prettier than me / Damn, I wish I had her body / I can hear my self-esteem / I don’t like me," the red-haired star sings as not suitable for work scenes tell the story of a girl suffering from low self-esteem. Watch beneath:

Video: K. Michelle - 'I Don't Like Me' Video: K. Michelle - 'I Don't Like Me' Reviewed by Celebrity Bug on 7/17/2013 Rating: 5

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