Kris Allen Announces Title & Release Date For New Album

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Good news for Kris Allen fans!!! The season eight winner of 'American Idol' took to Instagram On Thursday, June 26th to reveal the title and release date of his third studio album, which serves as the follow-up to 2012's 'Thank You Camilla'.

The 29-year-old singer recorded the forthcoming disc, which is entitled 'Horizons' and will be released independently, in Nashville with producer Charlie Peacock and with a August 12th release date scheduled, the first single should be released very soon.

Earlier this year, Allen detailed his experience recording the album in a candid blog post to his supporters, writing: "While we were making the record, I decided I needed to listen more intently to the music I love and find out exactly what it was that made me love particular songs. I really dove into the details of the lyrics and melodies, the production and instrumentation, the way that certain artists use their voices. It’s amazing the things you can find in a song when you actually search. When you really listen." As a fan of his first two major studio releases, I certainly cannot wait to see what he will be serving up the third time around. Bring on 'Horizons'!!!

Are you excited about 'Horizons'?
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  1. Yep, I'm very excited. I'm so looking forward to the album and seeing him live. It's going to be a good summer.

  2. Yes! I love Kris' music

  3. extatic! can't wait!

  4. Yes! I've already listened to the snippets on amazon several times! The new single sounds amazing so far.

    1. Hope Kris will release it as a physical album or somewhere else other than iTunes.

      I don't want anything to do with iTunes if possible

  5. Kris Allen is a fantastic singer and songwriter. Very excited for the release of Horizons. Love his music.


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