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Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Love To UK's 'Elle' Magazine

After three failed marriages and multiple relationships gone wrong, Jennifer Lopez tells the October 2014 issue of the U.K. edition of Elle magazine that she still isn't giving up on finding lasting love.

The 45-year-old looks gorgeous in the newly-released spread, which was shot by Txema Yeste in the breathtaking Paris location of Ch√Ęteau de Voisins and features the stunner wearing an array of Versace creations.

When questioned about her stance on love, the 'American Idol' judge, who will release her new True Love book on November 4th, says: "I still believe in love. The nirvana man, he's out there somewhere. But you just have to work at it. You have to work at everything."

"Everybody has seen that I make mistakes. Every single album I have ever made is about love. I am not going to give up. I have to look at what I do wrong. I rush in, I get swept up, I ignore the signs. But so many of us are guilty of these things. Each time it goes wrong, it's hard. I get really hurt but I have to let myself go: 'What did I do? What can I learn?' And as hard and as hurtful as things get, I want to believe I will be able to go one step higher," she divulges.

"I've got to hope that if I keep going I will eventually get it right," she continues. "When Marc and I first broke up, I did think, 'I wish I could have held this together.' But when you realize it's not the right thing for anybody, you think, 'OK, well how do we make this work, how do we make this better, how do we make this great for the children anyway?'" Peep two more photos beneath:

Jennifer Lopez : Elle UK (October 2014) photo rs_634x950-140902064726-634Jennifer-Lopez-ELLE-UK-JR-90214.jpgJennifer Lopez : Elle UK (October 2014) photo rs_634x902-140902064720-634Jennifer-Lopez-ELLE-UK-JR2-90214.jpg

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