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Taylor Swift Details '1989' With Track List & Writing Credits

Taylor Swift : 1989 (Album Cover) photo Taylor-Swift-1989.jpeg

With just over a week until the release of her fifth studio album, '1989', Taylor Swift has shared some more details from the forthcoming release by unveiling the official track listing and writing credits for the combined sixteen tracks on the standard and deluxe editions.

The set has already produced the No.1 hit, "Shake It Off", and the promotional single, "Out of the Woods", and given her track record, those are just the first two in a long line of upcoming hits.

Official '1989' Track List

01. Welcome to New York (Taylor Swift, Ryan Tedder)
02. Blank Spaces (Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback)
03. Style. (Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback, Ali Payami)
04. Out of the Woods (Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff)
05. All You Had To Do Was Stay (Taylor Swift, Max Martin)
06. Shake It Off (Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback)
07. I Wish You Would (Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff)
08. Bad Blood (Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback)
09. Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback)
10. How You Get the Girl (Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback)
11. This Love (Taylor Swift)
12. I Know Places (Taylor Swift, Ryan Tedder)
13. Clean (Taylor Swift, Imogen Heap)

Deluxe Edition
01. Wonderland (Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback)
02. You Are In Love (Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff)
03. New Romantics (Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback)
04. Voice Memo
05. Voice Memo
06. Voice Memo

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