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Tracee Ellis Ross Covers 'Health'

Fresh off her Golden Globe win in January, Tracee Ellis Ross graces the April issue of Health magazine, and dishes on confidence and how the love for her body has grown as she ages.

"I love my butt in a way I didn’t growing up," she tells magazine, which is current on newsstands. "I really didn’t like it growing up. It was so much bigger than everyone else’s, and I wanted jeans to look the way they did on everyone else, and mine didn’t."

"I’ve been — to a certain extent — at odds with my body for many years, wanting it to be something other than it was, wanting myself to be something other than I was."

"The comfort in my skin is so much better," she says. "I spent so much of my life, culturally, seeing myself through others because I just didn’t always have the confidence to look at the world through my own eyes. As opposed to the ‘shoulds.’ " Now, the 44-year-old does two big things for her body: “One, talk nice to it. And two, find workouts that make me feel good.”

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