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Water for Elephants (Movie Poster) Pictures, Images and Photos

Set in circus era, during the Great Depression, ‘Water for Elephants’ depicts the life of fictional character Jacob Jankowski and how joining the Benzini Brothers’ Most Spectacular Show on Earth, forever changed his life.


Based on Sara Gruen’s best-selling novel, the story begins as nursing-home escapee Jacob Jankowski (Hal Holbrook), reminisces with a young circus worker about his days as a traveling veterinarian on the world famous circus.

Through his eyes we are transferred back to his younger days of 23-years -old (now played by Robert Pattinson), where he is taking his final exam and basking in joyful thoughts of being the first man to share Catherine Hale’s bed.

Sadly for Jacob, none of this come to fruition after his parents are tragically killed in car accident and he is left with nothing including the practice that they were supposed to run together after he received his college degree from Cornell.

With his back against the wall, Jacob boards the Benzini Brothers’ train hobo-style, where he meets the charming August (Christoph Waltz) and his wife Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), with whom he instantly develops an attraction to.

Despite his initial charming demeanor, Jacob quickly learns that August is equally as filled with rage after nearly being red-lighted by his orders and witnessing his continued torture of Rosie, the show’s newly acquired elephant act.

For the most part, writer Richard LaGravanese remains true to the original piece, only making subtle changes that will enhance the story’s transition from the book to the screen. None of these changes are more effective than his decision to eliminate the character of Uncle Al to enlarge the role of August, which strengthens his impact on the film.

Still, as with most love triangles, you know that things are going to get a lot worse, before they get better, and like Rosie, Jacob and Marlena are targets of August’s revenge with the least expected of the three setting them all free.


Pattinson properly portrays Jacob with the boyish charm and innocence captured throughout Gruen's work, and Witherspoon effortlessly recalls classic glamour.

Still, at times, the on-screen chemistry between the two seems disgruntled, and Witherspoon often chooses to depict Marlena as a much colder character than she ever was in the book, which makes it difficult to sympathize with her.

Waltz, on the other hand, is brilliant as August and somehow he mustards up the perfect balance of charisma and acrimony that makes you both love and hate the character, in fact, other than Rosie (played by Tai), Waltz is the star of the film.


Arguably, the most surprising element of the film is the direction of Francis Lawrence, who rises to the challenge in every facet by delivering a delicate and classic look that detours from his previous films, but works beautifully here.

He utilizes stunning colors and accurately caters to the film’s reminiscent theme.


‘Water for Elephants’, despite some minor mishaps, arises as a really strong film that transfers you back to another era and more than anything, effectively does justice to its original foundation – the novel.

It makes you smile, it makes you cry and in the final moments when the Jacob tells the young circus worker “I’m Coming Home”, it pulls on your heartstrings.

4 OUT OF 5

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