Keep It Between Us (Still), Kelly Rowland

R&B songstress Kelly Rowland has unveiled her video for "Keep It Between Us", which was filmed in Paris and hails from her third studio album 'Here I Am'.

The sexy visual features handsome actor Lance Gross as her leading man and although the single won't make much of an impact, the video is a definite winner.

Everything from the cinematography to the amazing chemistry between Rowland and her hunk of dark chocolate co-star, just re-affirms that Kelly doesn't have to go over the top (see: "Motivation"), to generate a sexy visual. Watch it below:

KELLY ROWLAND - 'KEEP IT BETWEEN US' [VIDEO] KELLY ROWLAND - 'KEEP IT BETWEEN US' [VIDEO] Reviewed by Celebrity Bug on 1/27/2012 Rating: 5

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