New Music: Jennifer Lopez - 'First Love'

After a string of misfire on the charts, Jennifer Lopez teams with legendary hit-maker Max Martin on "First Love", the new single taken from her upcoming studio set, due June 17th.

On the track, the singer, who has dated Puff Daddy, Marc Anthony and Ben Affleck, sings about failed relationships and wishing her current one was first love she ever encountered.

While this is heads and shoulders better than the overly-repetitive "I Luh Ya Papi", the lyrics are lacking a bit, but thankfully, the production, arrangement and dare I say it, even the vocals, make up for what the lyrics often lack. Take a listen beneath:

New Music: Jennifer Lopez - 'First Love' New Music: Jennifer Lopez - 'First Love' Reviewed by Celebrity Bug on 5/02/2014 Rating: 5

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