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Kerry Washington Pretties Up April Issue Of 'Marie Claire'

As 'Scandal' continues to engage viewers on a weekly basis (See: the fantastic episode entitled 'The Lawn Chair'), leading lady Kerry Washington strikes a pretty pose as she fronts the April 2015 issue of Marie Claire, which will hit newsstands on March 24th.

In the issue, the 38-year-old actress, who recently signed on to play Anita Hill in a HBO movie, dishes on why she is so private about her personality, her respect for Shonda Rhimes' vision and of course, fashion. Read some excerpts from her interview with the publication beneath:

On Privacy: "Earlier in my career, I was much more super-sharey. There were moments when I wanted to process things that were happening to me more privately, and I didn’t have the space to do it, because once you let people in, they’re in and you don’t get to say, ‘Oh, I want this for myself.'"

On Fashion: "I just put myself in a boot camp of figuring it out—and realized that I really loved it. I guess because I came to it later in life, I realized, ‘Oh, going to a fashion show is like going to the opening of Degas at the Met or going to see Swan Lake.'"

On Shonda Rhimes: "I’m very respectful of Shonda’s vision of who Olivia [Pope] is, but she has said that she is informed by the choices I make. If we were waltzing, she’s definitely leading. And she picked the song, and she probably dressed us, but it is a waltz."

Kerry Washington : Marie Claire (April 2015) photo kerrywashington_marieclaire2_celebbug.jpgKerry Washington : Marie Claire (April 2015) photo kerrywashington_marieclaire3_celebbug.jpg

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