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'Fences' Update: Award Season Push Set For Denzel Washington & Viola Davis Film

7/25/2016 0

Paramount is hoping for some awards season love for 'Fences', the big-screen adaptation of August Wilson's Pulitzer Prize- and Tony-winning play, which two-time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington stars in and directs alongside Viola Davis.

The upcoming feature film, which netted Tony Award wins for both Washington and Davis in 2010 and sees them reprise their roles as Troy and Rose Maxson, is set for a December 16th release in New York and Los Angeles before going wide on Christmas Day.

'Fences' is being produced by Washington with Scott Rudin and Todd Black, and examines race relations in the 1950s. It follows trash collector Troy, who dreamed of being baseball great, and lives with his wife Rose, son Cory and his younger brother Gabriel, an ex-soldier whose war injury to his head has caused him psychological damage. Baity roles to say the least!!!
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'Power' Gets Two Season Renewal

7/25/2016 0

After a record-breaking third season premiere, STARZ has order two additional seasons of 'Power', starring Omari Hardwick and executive produced by Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson.

The premiere episode was watched by 2.26 million viewers, making it the premium cable channel's best original series debut numbers yet, as well as, the most-watched episode of any STARZ original ever. The fourth and fifth season are expected to air in summer 2017 and 2018.
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'Gold' Update: Christmas Day Release Set For Matthew McConaughey Film

7/25/2016 0

The Weinstein Company has locked in a Christmas Day release for 'Gold', an adventure drama starring Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey.

In the forthcoming feature film, which is inspired by a true story, McConaughey stars as Kenny Wells, a modern-day prospector desperate for a lucky break who teams up with a similarly eager geologist (Edgar Ramirez) and sets off to find gold in the uncharted jungle of Indonesia.
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Carrie Underwood Rings In 24th #1 Single

7/21/2016 0

Carrie Underwood is on a roll!!! The singer's latest single, "Church Bells", hits No.1 on both the Billboard and Mediabase country airplay charts this week to become the twenty-forth chart-topper of her career overall and the third consecutive from her 'Storyteller' album.

Underwood extends her streak as the leader among women with the most Billboard toppers at 15 (followed by Reba McEntire with 11), while Tim McGraw has the most among all acts with 28.

Carrie Underwood Rings in 24th #1 Single as “Church Bells” Becomes Her 3rd Consecutive Chart-topper from Storyteller!

Nashville, TN, July 18, 2016 – Seven-time GRAMMY® Award winner Carrie Underwood scores her 24th #1 single of her career with “Church Bells,” the third consecutive chart-topping single from her current album, Storyteller. Landing the #1 slot on both the Billboard and Mediabase country airplay charts, the song also spent two weeks at #1 on Canada’s Mediabase country airplay chart and three weeks at #1 on Australia’s country airplay chart.

Produced by Mark Bright and written by Zach Crowell, Brett James, and Hillary Lindsey, “Church Bells” was singled out by Entertainment Weekly as a “twangy roof-raiser.” In fact, Underwood virtually brought the house down when she performed the prime-time television debut of “Church Bells” at the 51st Annual ACM Awards on CBS in April which drew a standing ovation from the audience at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. “Nothing short of spectacular” is how Rolling Stone Country recapped the ACM Awards moment.

The music video for “Church Bells,” directed by Wayne Isham and filmed during a live concert at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska, is currently #1 on GAC’s fan-voted Top 20 Country Countdown. The goal of director Isham, whose director credits include Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Metallica and Britney Spears, was to capture the country star’s energetic live performance and fans’ reactions and edit it into a 3:40 snapshot of a Carrie Underwood The Storyteller Tour – Stories In The Round experience. Watch the video here: http://smarturl.it/cuchurchbellsvevo.

Underwood begins the second leg of The Storyteller Tour on August 31st in Anchorage, Alaska.

Look for Carrie Underwood to kick off the 2016 season of football and a brand new theme song for “Sunday Night Football” on September 11th on NBC prior to the New England Patriots and Arizona Cardinals game. Titled “Oh, Sunday Night,” the new song is based on Underwood’s 2014 hit collaboration with Miranda Lambert, “Somethin’ Bad.”

And, later this fall, the country star joins Brad Paisley as co-hosts of the 50th Annual CMA Awards on November 2nd broadcasting live from Bridgestone Arena on ABC 8-11 pm Eastern/7-10 pm Central.

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Movie Trailer: Vin Diesel Returns For 'xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage'

7/21/2016 0

Action star Vin Diesel skis through a rain forest and rides a motocross bike through a tidal wave in adrenaline-pumping trailer for 'XXX: Return of Xander Cage', the third installment in the action saga, which hit theaters on January 20th, 2017. Watch the teaser trailer beneath:

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New Music: Miranda Lambert - 'Vice'

7/21/2016 0

Country star Miranda Lambert returns with her first song since divorcing Blake Shelton and as expected, "Vice", the first single from her forthcoming sixth studio album, is about heartbreak and seems to subtly address the rumors that she was unfaithful. Take a listen beneath:

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Kim Kardashian Snapchats Phone Call Of Taylor Swift Approving 'Famous' Lyrics

7/21/2016 0

On Sunday's episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians', Kim Kardashian discussed the long standing feud between Taylor Swift and her husband Kanye West, as well as, the latest issue of 'GQ', where she confirms that the singer had approved the lyrics.

Swift has strongly denied that she ever approved the song and in an effort to defend her Grammy-winning husband, the reality mogul shared footage of the phone call between Swift and West, where the singer is heard referring to the punchline as a "compliment". Listen below:

Following her exposure, Swift fired back saying that she had been "secretly" recorded and that the Wests were trying to assassinate her character. Read her lengthy response beneath:

That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posts it on the Internet.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Swift has reportedly threatened legal action, given Los Angeles' two party consent rule, and Mrs. West reportedly consulted with a lawyer before releasing the tape and ultimately decided it was more important to clear her husband's name now and suffer the consequences later.

The results have been overwhelming in their favor in terms of public perception and inspired the top trending top '#KimExposedTaylorParty' upon its released, while Swift's team has undoubtedly trying to recover her shattered good-girl reputation. The never-ending feud continues...
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New Music: Britney Spears Returns With 'Make Me...' Featuring G-Easy

7/15/2016 0

Britney Spears is back!!!

The music icon has released the G-Eazy-assisted "Make Me...", the lead single from her ninth studio album. As usual, she brings the sex appeal, but this time she switches it up from her previous uptempo lead singles and slows down the pace for a steamy treat. Take a listen below:

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New Music: Katy Perry - 'Rise'

7/15/2016 0

In her first new music release since her 'Prism' album in 2013, pop superstar Katy Perry has shared "Rise", a motivational new number that will be used as a tie-in for NBC's coverage of next month's 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Taken a listen to the new track beneath:

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New Music: Tinashe - 'Superlove'

7/15/2016 0

After a couple of false starts, Tinashe is hoping to rebound with "Superlove", the Tricky Stewart and The-Dream-produced new single from her long-awaited sophomore studio album 'Joyride', which is slated to be released later this year. Take a listen beneath:

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Jennifer Aniston Responds To Rumors In Powerful Op-Ed For Huffington Post

7/15/2016 0

Jennifer Aniston, who will next be seen in the comedy 'Office Christmas Party' in December, rarely responds to rumors about her life, but she has finally had enough and speaks out about body shaming and the pressures put on women in a powerful op-ed piece for The Huffington Post, which is simply entitled "For the Record". Read her spot-on article and sound off below:

For The Record

Let me start by saying that addressing gossip is something I have never done. I don’t like to give energy to the business of lies, but I wanted to participate in a larger conversation that has already begun and needs to continue. Since I’m not on social media, I decided to put my thoughts here in writing.

For the record, I am not pregnant. What I am is fed up. I’m fed up with the sport-like scrutiny and body shaming that occurs daily under the guise of “journalism,” the “First Amendment” and “celebrity news.”

Every day my husband and I are harassed by dozens of aggressive photographers staked outside our home who will go to shocking lengths to obtain any kind of photo, even if it means endangering us or the unlucky pedestrians who happen to be nearby. But setting aside the public safety aspect, I want to focus on the bigger picture of what this insane tabloid ritual represents to all of us.

If I am some kind of symbol to some people out there, then clearly I am an example of the lens through which we, as a society, view our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, female friends and colleagues. The objectification and scrutiny we put women through is absurd and disturbing. The way I am portrayed by the media is simply a reflection of how we see and portray women in general, measured against some warped standard of beauty. Sometimes cultural standards just need a different perspective so we can see them for what they really are — a collective acceptance... a subconscious agreement. We are in charge of our agreement. Little girls everywhere are absorbing our agreement, passive or otherwise. And it begins early. The message that girls are not pretty unless they’re incredibly thin, that they’re not worthy of our attention unless they look like a supermodel or an actress on the cover of a magazine is something we’re all willingly buying into. This conditioning is something girls then carry into womanhood. We use celebrity “news” to perpetuate this dehumanizing view of females, focused solely on one’s physical appearance, which tabloids turn into a sporting event of speculation. Is she pregnant? Is she eating too much? Has she let herself go? Is her marriage on the rocks because the camera detects some physical “imperfection”?

I used to tell myself that tabloids were like comic books, not to be taken seriously, just a soap opera for people to follow when they need a distraction. But I really can’t tell myself that anymore because the reality is the stalking and objectification I’ve experienced first-hand, going on decades now, reflects the warped way we calculate a woman’s worth.

This past month in particular has illuminated for me how much we define a woman’s value based on her marital and maternal status. The sheer amount of resources being spent right now by press trying to simply uncover whether or not I am pregnant (for the bajillionth time... but who’s counting) points to the perpetuation of this notion that women are somehow incomplete, unsuccessful, or unhappy if they’re not married with children. In this last boring news cycle about my personal life there have been mass shootings, wildfires, major decisions by the Supreme Court, an upcoming election, and any number of more newsworthy issues that “journalists” could dedicate their resources towards.

Here’s where I come out on this topic: we are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child. We get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful when it comes to our bodies. That decision is ours and ours alone. Let’s make that decision for ourselves and for the young women in this world who look to us as examples. Let’s make that decision consciously, outside of the tabloid noise. We don’t need to be married or mothers to be complete. We get to determine our own “happily ever after” for ourselves.

I have grown tired of being part of this narrative. Yes, I may become a mother some day, and since I’m laying it all out there, if I ever do, I will be the first to let you know. But I’m not in pursuit of motherhood because I feel incomplete in some way, as our celebrity news culture would lead us all to believe. I resent being made to feel “less than” because my body is changing and/or I had a burger for lunch and was photographed from a weird angle and therefore deemed one of two things: “pregnant” or “fat.” Not to mention the painful awkwardness that comes with being congratulated by friends, coworkers and strangers alike on one’s fictional pregnancy (often a dozen times in a single day).

From years of experience, I’ve learned tabloid practices, however dangerous, will not change, at least not any time soon. What can change is our awareness and reaction to the toxic messages buried within these seemingly harmless stories served up as truth and shaping our ideas of who we are. We get to decide how much we buy into what’s being served up, and maybe some day the tabloids will be forced to see the world through a different, more humanized lens because consumers have just stopped buying the bullshit.
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Movie Trailer: 'Loving'

7/15/2016 0

True love really can change the world. 'Loving' celebrates the real-life courage and commitment of an interracial couple, Richard and Mildred Loving (Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga), who married and then spent the next nine years fighting for the right to live as a family in their hometown. Their civil rights case, Loving v. Virginia, went all the way to the Supreme Court, which in 1967 reaffirmed the very foundation of the right to marry – and their love story has become an inspiration to couples ever since. Watch the heartbreaking trailer beneath:

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2016 Primetime Emmy Awards: Nominees

7/14/2016 0

Anthony Anderson and Lauren Graham joined forces to announce the nominations for the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California on Thursday, July 14th, and 'Game of Thrones' leads the field of nominees with an astonishing 23 nominations.

Felicity Huffman, Bryan Cranston, Kyle Chandler, Anthony Anderson, Kerry Washington, Keri Russell, Regina King, Viola Davis, Kevin Spacey, Amy Schumer and Taraji P. Henson were among the stars that heard their names called and it was record-setting year for non-white performers with 21 nominations. Peep the nominees from the major categories below:


Outstanding Drama Series:
“The Americans”
”Better Call Saul”
”Downton Abbey”
”Game of Thrones”
”House of Cards”
”Mr. Robot”

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series:
Kyle Chandler, “Bloodline”
Rami Malek, “Mr. Robot”
Bob Odenkirk, “Better Call Saul”
Matthew Rhys, “The Americans”
Liev Schreiber, “Ray Donovan”
Kevin Spacey, “House of Cards”

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series:
Claire Danes, “Homeland” | Interview
Viola Davis, “How to Get Away With Murder”
Taraji P. Henson, “Empire”
Tatiana Maslany, “Orphan Black”
Keri Russell, “The Americans”
Robin Wright, “House of Cards”

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series:
Jonathan Banks, “Better Call Saul”
Peter Dinklage, “Game of Thrones”
Ben Mendelsohn, “Bloodline”
Kit Harington, “Game Of Thrones”
Michael Kelly, “House Of Cards”
Jon Voight , “Ray Donovan”

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series:
Maura Tierney, “The Affair”
Maggie Smith, “Downton Abbey”
Lena Headey, “Game Of Thrones”
Emilia Clarke, “Game Of Thrones”
Maisie Williams, “Game Of Thrones”
Constance Zimmer, “UnREAL”

Outstanding Comedy Series:
“Master of None”
“Modern Family”
“Silicon Valley”
“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series:
Anthony Anderson, “black-ish”
Aziz Ansari, “Master of None”
Will Forte, “Last Man on Earth”
William H. Macy, “Shameless”
Thomas Middleditch, “Silicon Valley”
Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series:
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Veep”
Ellie Kemper, “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”
Tracee Ellis Ross, “black-ish”
Laurie Metcalf, “Getting On”
Amy Schumer, “Inside Amy Schumer”
Lily Tomlin, “Grace and Frankie”

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series:
Louie Anderson, “Baskets”
Andre Braugher, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
Keegan-Michael Key, “Key & Peele”
Ty Burrell, “Modern Family”
Tituss Burgess, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”
Tony Hale, “Veep”
Matt Walsh, “Veep”

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series:
Niecy Nash, “Getting On”
Allison Janney, “Mom”
Kate McKinnon , “Saturday Night Live”
Judith Light, “Transparent“
Gaby Hoffmann, “Transparent”
Anna Chlumsky, “Veep"

Outstanding Limited Series:
“American Crime”
“The Night Manager”
“The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”

Outstanding Television Movie:
“All the Way”
“Sherlock: The Abominable Bride”
“A Very Murray Christmas”

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or a Movie:
Bryan Cranston, “All the Way”
Benedict Cumberbatch, “Sherlock: The Abominable Bride”
Idris Elba, “Luther”
Cuba Gooding Jr., “The People vs. O.J. Simpson”
Tom Hiddleston, “The Night Manager”
Courtney B. Vance, “The People vs. O.J. Simpson”

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie:
Kirsten Dunst, “Fargo”
Felicity Huffman, “American Crime”
Audra McDonald, “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grille”
Sarah Paulson, “The People v. O.J. Simpson”
Lili Taylor, “American Crime”
Kerry Washington, “Confirmation”

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or a Movie:
Jesse Plemons, “Fargo”Bokeem Woodbine, “Fargo”
Hugh Laurie, “The Night Manager”
Sterling K. Brown, “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”
David Schwimmer, “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”
John Travolta, “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie:
Melissa Leo, “All The Way”
Regina King, “American Crime”
Sarah Paulson, “American Horror Story: Hotel”
Kathy Bates, “American Horror Story: Hotel”
Jean Smart, “Fargo”
Olivia Colman, “The Night Manager”

Outstanding Variety Sketch Series:
“Documentary Now!“
“Drunk History“
“Inside Amy Schumer “
“Key & Peele“
“Saturday Night Live“

Outstanding Reality-Competition Program:
“The Amazing Race”
“American Ninja Warrior”
“Dancing With The Stars”
“Project Runway”
“Top Chef”
“The Voice”

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Kobe Bryant Receives Icon Award At 2016 ESPY Awards From Justin Timberlake

7/14/2016 0

Basketball legend Kobe Bryant was presented with the Icon Award (along with Abby Wambach and Peyton Manning) at last night's ESPY Awards in Los Angeles, and music superstar Justin Timberlake was on hand to present all three athletes' awards.

"The greatest performers set themselves apart by the way they make you feel," the award-winning singer, who previously hosted the show in 2008, began following highlight reels from each of the athletes. "Kobe. Peyton. Abby. Before they all decided to say goodbye this past year, they already had a lot in common -- they were touted as a star from the start."

Bryant capped off the acceptance speeches by being his usual charming self, saying, "It's amazing to be standing here alongside Abby and Peyton. Abby decided to retire after a compelling World Cup victory. Manning hung up his cleats after an impressive Super Bowl win." He even poked fun at his last season, joking, "For me, I tend to do things a little differently. I felt an impressive 17-for-65 season would be a bold statement to wrap up my 20-year career."

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Ciara & Russell Wilson Stun On First Red Carpet Appearance As Married Couple

7/14/2016 0

Stunning singer Ciara and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson made their first red carpet appearance as a married couple at the 2016 ESPY Awards on Wednesday, July 13th - exactly a week after they tied the knot in a fairytale ceremony.

She showed off her cleavage in pink and silver number by Roberto Cavalli, while her new husband looked dapper in a custom suit by the legendary Tom Ford. Full view below:

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Jennifer Lopez Performs On 'The Tonight Show' With Lin-Manuel Miranda

7/14/2016 0

Superstar Jennifer Lopez joined forces with breakout 'Hamilton' star Lin-Manuel Miranda for a performance of their song "Love Make the World Go Round", a tribute to those affected by the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, on 'The Tonight Show' this past Tuesday.

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Idris Elba Sizzles On 'Interview' Cover

7/14/2016 0

Actor Idris Elba, who was nominated for a Primetime Emmy this morning and is currently filming 'The Dark Tower' opposite Matthew McConaughey, fronts the latest issue of Interview and his classic black-and-white photoshoot has us hot and bothered.

In the publication, the 43-year-old actor discusses his work ethic, the fears of burning out and wanted to be taken serious as both an actor and a DJ. Peep more photos and excerpts beneath:

On His Work Ethic: "…It’s unhealthy to have that much going on. [laughs] I don’t want to sound ungrateful or anything, but I sleep less, I’m constantly thinking, I’m constantly multitasking, and I really don’t know what the effects are going to be when I’m older. I don’t ever stop. Not because I’m greedy or anything, but I’m always creating, debating with the part of my brain that is dormant. Wondering how I can move in and create a bit more space and take a bit more time. But it’s almost like the more I achieve, the more capacity I have to achieve. I do worry sometimes about whether I’m going to burn out. Not burn myself out, but burn my art out, with audiences going, ‘Ah, yeah, I’ve seen enough now, thanks very much.’"

On Balance Music & Movies: "Anyway, what happened was, once I got The Wire, my life changed. I couldn’t DJ as much and I couldn’t take it seriously because my career as an actor was just getting to a place where I was finally making it in America. I wanted to be on American TV so much. I didn’t park DJ’ing; I just sort of ended up becoming more of a studio guy. I had a bit more money and I could buy every little piece of equipment and drum machine that had just come out—I’ve got quite a collection now— and I continued to collect music. Then about five years ago, my career blossomed, but I really missed being out on the road, DJ’ing. So I started picking up gigs here and there, and what occurred to me really quickly was that I was going to water down my passion for DJ’ing, because the type of gigs I was getting were celebrity DJ work, and that just didn’t sit right. So I made a decision about five years ago to really do it properly, to do it at that level I had never done it, but take it seriously and not ride the coattails of being an actor. It took a while because I had to take my time to introduce myself into that world: doing remixes, being taken seriously."

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2016 VH1 Hip Hop Honors: Performances

7/14/2016 0

It was ladies night at the 2016 VH1 Hip Hop Honors event on Monday, July 11th. The show returned to the screen after a six-year hiatus and honored four female hip-hop trailblazers including Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, Lil' Kim and Salt-N-Pepa with tributes.

Some of the stars featured in the tributes included Teyana Taylor, KeKe Palmer, Ashanti, Nelly Furtado, Fantasia, Monica, Tweet, French Montana and more, while honorees Queen Latifah and Lil' Kim also graced the stage with their presence for some energetic performances.

Missy Elliott Dance Tribute

Remy Ma & Fat Joe - "All the Way Up"

Queen Latifah Performs Medley

Naughty By Nature - "Hip Hop Hooray"

Salt-N-Pepa Performance Tribute

Lil' Kim Performance Tribute

Missy Elliott Performance Tribute

Lil Kim' Performs Medley

Queen Latifah - "U.N.I.T.Y."

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Kim Kardashian West Covers 'Forbes'

7/14/2016 0

Hate her all you want, but Kim Kardashian West's star power and empire just keep growing.

The reality star mogul made $51 million from her various business ventures in the past year and is featured on the cover of Forbes magazine, who credit her with leading "The New Mobile Moguls" after the massive success of her Kim Kardashian Hollywood game.

She joked on Instragram that being featured on the cover was "Not Bad for a Girl with No Talent", and told the publication that she has no plans to bring her foray into the tech world to a halt anytime soon. "When people looked at me in a way like, 'Why is she stepping into the tech world? That's not her territory! Stick to reality TV!' I was like, 'No.' This is fun for me. Now I'm coming up with Kimojis and the app and all these other ideas. I don't see myself stopping."

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Video: Rihanna - 'Sledgehammer'

7/13/2016 0

Last month, Rihanna became the first artist to have a video showcased on IMAX screens with the premiere of "Sledgehammer", a new single from the motion picture soundtrack for 'Star Trak Beyond', due in theaters on July 22nd. Watch Floria Sigismondi-directed clip below:

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Ciara & Russell Wilson Wed In England

7/10/2016 0

Meet the Wilsons!!! R&B singer Ciara and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson exchanged vows in front of more than 100 family and friends in a fairytale ceremony, held at the Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England on Wednesday, July 6th.

The bride wore a stunning gown with a cathedral-length train designed by Peter Dundas, the creative director of Roberto Cavalli, the groom wore a custom suit by Giorgio Armani and all eight of her bridemaids, which included celebrity friends LaLa Anthony and Kelly Rowland, wore custom gowns by designer Michael Costello. More photos from the ceremony beneath:

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Video: Kanye West - 'Famous'

7/10/2016 0

Hip-hop innovator Kanye West has premiered the most shocking video of his career with "Famous", the controversial single from his No.1 album 'The Life of Pablo', which was released in February and made its debut on the Billboard 200 in April. Watch it beneath:

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Video: Fergie - 'M.I.L.F. $'

7/10/2016 0

Fergie is back!!! The hot mama returns with "M.I.L.F. $", the first single from her upcoming sophomore studio album, and for the video she brings other hot mamas along for the ride including Kim Kardashian, Ciara and Chrissy Tiegen. Watch the hotness unfold beneath:

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Featured Artist: Maxwell

7/10/2016 0

With 'blackSUMMERS'night' album currently in stores and headed for a top three debut on the Billboard 200, Maxwell brings an end to his nearly seven year hiatus and earns the honor of becoming Celebrity Bug's Featured Artist of the Month for July 2016.

The newly-released disc has already produced the buzzworthy single, "Lake By the Ocean", and is the second installment in his planned 'blackSUMMERS'night' trilogy.
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