Cassie featuring Lil' Wayne - 'Official Girl' Video - Celebrity Bug


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Cassie featuring Lil' Wayne - 'Official Girl' Video

The video for Cassie's new single 'Official Girl', which features Lil' Wayne, premiered on FN'MTV yesterday. Directed by Chris Robinson, the video clip is really entertaining and I really like it, but the video is more like a photo shoot than an actual treatment. Of course they added a little depth at the beginning and ending of the clip, but still not enough to make up for what the song lacks. As the case is often with Cassie, you get the feel of an Aaliyah vibe, which I don't think is done purposely, she just happens to resemble the late singer. Overall, I like the video, but the song is just to bland to be a lead single, even the Lil' Wayne feature can't save it.

Random: This video's budget is like the combination of Danity Kane's entire videography.

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