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Cassie Talks to 'Complex'

As previous reported Cassie covers the latest issue of 'Complex' magazine. In the article the singe talk about all things music such as singing the national anthem, battling stage fright and even about the rumors spread about her on the Internet. Check it out below:

On singing the national anthem...
"People used to give Ashanti a lot of s***, and I saw her do the national anthem and kill it. I was like, maybe that's something that I need to do to show people--I was afraid of the microphone and the stage, but I'm not anymore. I would definitely do something like that."

On drinking to combat stage fright...
"No, but maybe I should. When I do come back out, people are going to come [to my shows] to see me fail, but usually people are coming to see you perform because they want to see you perform. You have to go out with that swagger and entertain. It's not about you being scared. That's selfish. I spent so much time worrying about what people thought that it got in the way of me actually having a successful first album. I could have dusted it off and gone back on another TV show but I was too scared. Ashlee Simpson got right back on TV, and I was just like, 'No, I can't do it.' "

On the rumors spread about her on the Internet...
"I love it. I do. It's ammunition. I used to be really offended by it. It didn't motivate me before; I didn't get that concept. I get it now. At this point, the ridiculousness of the Internet and the things that people say... it's funny. I've been pregnant three times by way of bloggers. I've never been pregnant in my life. I wish they would name their sources so I know who they are."

On the harshest thing that's been said about her...
" 'She's fu***** for checks. I don't f*** for checks--I'd rather live on the street."

On her song "Official Girl" being a marketing ploy to cash in on the P.Diddy rumors...
"Nope. It wasn't planned. It was just a song I really loved that I heard. Nobody will ever know who "Official Girl" is about. They think it's about certain people but it's not. Anything that happens in my personal life is personal. I never actually put anything out there. Nobody's really known who I've dated."

On dealing with her ethnicity growing up...
"What's funny about it is, when I was growing up, I wasn't confused. I knew exactly what I was. My dad's Filipino, my mom is Mexican, West Indian and black--I'm a little melting pot. In school, you were either black or white. Being Asian really wasn't anything until I got to high school and was modeling all the time, and it was important because it intrigued people. Black people definitely didn't claim me before. They were like, 'Light skinned over there, she's just not for us.' It's all perception. The other day, I was at the drugstore and this girl in line was like, 'She's next, the white girl.' I'm not white. I'm not even close."

I appreciate her honesty, but I still can't say I buy into a lot of what she's saying. The best of luck to her though.

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