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Dawn Calls Aubrey Out

With the 4th season set to premiere tonight, Danity Kane member Dawn Richards was interviewed on the John Jay & Rich Show and to say the least she had a few choice words for Aubrey, speaking on why she thinks Aubrey is the standout member.

A part of me feels this may just be a ploy to get people to tune into the season premiere tonight, but either way it's definitely not a good look for Dawn, because Aubrey is obviously the stand out member for a reason, and furthermore even if Aubrey wasn't in the group people still wouldn't pay Dawn any attention. In the words of Diddy, this is some serious 'BITCH ASS NESS' on Dawn's part, whether things are good between the two or not, you're never suppose to let the public completely know where you stand on the situation especially concerning a group member. Aubrey isn't the best vocalist out of the bunch, NEITHER is Dawn, but both ladies are talented and bring something to the table, and for Dawn to try to instance that isn't the case is just plain WRONG.

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  1. I agree...Dawn was totally wrong for her statements. If all that was needed to get media attention was to show skin she would be the center of attention too....BUT SHE IS NOT...HER COMMENTS JUST MAKE HER SOUND JEALOUS and Shows THE UGLY SIDE OF HER...I like Dawn but her comments just hit a nerve


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