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The King of Pop Turns 50

For over forty years The King of Pop Michael Jackson has stunned audiences with his unique nature of hits and his tremendously unmatched stage presence. Known to most as the greatest performer of all time, Michael presence and influence on the industry stands just as monumental today and will probably continue to do so in the future.

Mr. Jackson talked to Good Morning America from his home in California, about the big day, his legendary career, and his future plans.

How He Plans to Celebrate His 50th Birthday:
"Just have a little cake with my children and we'll probably watch some cartoons -- before getting right back to work.

His Greatest Efforts / Future Plans
Oh boy, that's a hard one," he said, before singling out "We Are the World," "Billie Jean" and "Thriller."

But Jackson was not content to rest on his laurels, saying, "I am still looking forward to doing a lot of great things."

He hopes to release new music and tour, though he doesn't have dates set.

"I am writing all the time," he said. "I love composing and the whole thing. But I am also raising my children and enjoying it and teaching them to ride bicycles and how to read. I love it."

On His Kids
Asked if he'd like his two sons and daughter to have the same sort of upbringing as him, he said he'd prefer to let them "enjoy their childhood as much as possible."

"I let them go to the arcade and go to the movies and do things," he said. "I want them to get to do the kind of things I didn't get to do. So, I fill them with a lot of enjoyment that way -- a lot of amusement. You know?

"I get pretty emotional when I see them having a wonderful time," he added, "when they are on a ride and they are screaming and they are happy. ... It makes me emotional, 'cause I see they are having a real good time."

Jackson said his kids "love music ... they are very much into the arts," but that, "I don't push them."

Happy Birthday!

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