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2008 VMAs Performance Review

The 25th Annual 2008 MTV Video Music Awards took place literally hours, held in Los Angeles for the first time in a decade, on the historic studio lot of MTV's corporate sibling, Paramount Pictures.

Britney Spears' Opening

The woman of the night to say the least and although I was really hoping for an performance, Britney still didn't disappoint. She looked amazingly flawless and collected three trophies including the big one of the night 'Video of the Year'.

Rihanna - 'Disturbia'

This marked the first live performance of her #1 hit and hopefully its her last, because she vocally murdered the song from beginning to end and what the f*ck was that in the back of her head? I really want to like Rihanna, but nothing about her lives up to the hype that surrounds her, not her songs, performances, and definitely not the nasally voice. Nice try though.

Jonas Brothers - 'Love Bug'

Magnificently boring from start to finish, they just like Rihanna don't match any of the hype that surrounds them.

Lil' Wayne Medley with Leona Lewis

I've made it known that I don't typically expect much performance wise from rappers, but this was hot, nothing creatively out of the box, but the energy was high and Leona started the performance with great vocals.

Pink - 'So What'

Great performance. Pink has always creatively pushed the envelope, filled with high energy, special effects and stunts, Pink rocked the crowd like only a artist of her caliber could do.

T.I. - 'Whatever You Like' / 'Live Your Life' (ft. Rihanna)

Disappointing. The performance bought little to the table and both T.I. and Rihanna displayed their lack of ability to follow along with the track or lip sync, and furthermore it kills how Rihanna got two shots and failed miserably at both, but with that said she look killer.

Christina Aguilera - 'Genie In A Bottle' / 'Keep Gettin' Better'

Since when did Christina start lip syncing? Good performance none the less, as this was really one of the first signs of Christina actually taking to choreography and doing amazing well at it, but she could still use a lesson from Britney in that area, as well as help with her mouthing of the words.

Kid Rock - 'All Summer Long' (ft. Lil' Wayne)

Can't say I was feeling anything about this performance and obviously the audience wasn't either because when asked to lift their hands in the air very few of them actually did.

Kanye West - 'Keep Your Love Light Down'

Was interesting to say the least and it was actually one of the better moments of the show.

OVERALL, there was really nothing exciting about the show other than seeing Britney finally being awarded for her work, and although 'Piece of Me' was far from a great video, it was just as good as anything else in the categories and furthermore the reward makes up for all the moon men Britney was cheated out of earlier in her career. Other than that the show just like the line up was LACKLUSTER to say the least.

Britney Spears' Opening & 3 Wins


Best Performance of the Night:

Worst Performance of the Night:
The Jonas Brothers

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