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Album Review: Girlicious

With the arise of Girlicious, a group that was crafted by Pussycat Dolls' creator Robin Antin to be a counterpart to the international female sensation PCD, but with a visual that often mirrors the girls that came before them and a horridly terrible name like Girlicious very few will probably ever get to hear that some of the material behind the girls is actually pretty good.

The opening number, 'Do About It', co-produced by Marsha Ambrosus (formerly of Grammy nominated group Floetry), sees the girls providing a good opening from the siren intro that eventually blossoms into a hard hitting pop anthem and ends smelling like a rose. The R&B ballad 'My Boo' is one that is sure to stay on repeat as the song is increasingly impressive after each listen, as the girls plead in the defense of their man's faithfulness. 'Still in Love', produced by J.R. Rotem and featuring Sean Kingston, is the album's shining glory, its fun, catchy and just a plain out good song and somehow Sean manages to be enjoyable instead of his usual annoying self. 'Mirror', a bonus produced by Marsha Ambrosus, was definitely quality enough to take the place of some of the album's fizzle moments. Other tracks on the hills of solid are the enticing 'Already Gone', the infectious 'I.O.U.1', the sexy track 'Radio', and the grower 'Baby Doll'.

As with over ninety percent of debut albums the set is not without flaws, the Flo-Rida assisted 'Liar Liar' is lackluster to say the least and even his feature probably does more damaged than anything. The concept engaging 'Save the World' is a great track, but the girls' powerless vocals prove that the melodic track was probably better suited for a ranger set of girls, while 'Here I Am' totally enthralls you from beginning to end as the reflective piece is well written, but means very little coming from artists who have yet to really establish or experience fame. Their remake of 'The Way We Were' ruins a beautiful classic that none of the girls will probably ever be able to take on and Nichole vocally struggles from start to finish as she uncomfortably takes on the track, while the Natalie rap/talk is just disrespectful and furthermore embarrassing. 'Like Me' recalls the first Pussycat Dolls hit 'Don't Cha', but only a lesser version, 'It's Mine' takes you to boredom land, and 'Stupid Shit' is just what the title suggests.

Overall, the album is not nearly as bad as I would have expected, but often repeatable to the point where it just loses your interest and forces you to hit the NEXT button. As for vocal abilities, Tiffani definitely has the strongest most engaging voice as you can feel the emotion with her that tend to be absent in all the other girls, while Natalie's lack of vocal presence makes Cassie look like a front runner.

The girls do prove one thing with the album and that is that the the ladies of PCD, and even the damagingly unsupported and under promoted Danity Kane, live on to reign another day.

2.5 out of 5

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