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Album Review: Jessica Simpson - 'Do You Know'

On Jessica Simpson's debut country album, she manages to capture the perfect balance of catchy infectious tunes and the emotional fails and wins she has experienced throughout her life to compile her most impressive and solid collection of material to date.

The infectious lead single, 'Come On Over', which made Billboard history to become the highest debuting single by a new country artist, sees Jessica begging for comfort in the form of sex and successfully seducing her mate without much effort by the warmth of want and desire intertwined in her voice. 'Remember That', sees her tender voice recall the realism of domestic violence and do so with little struggle that helps materialize the fact that maybe she has taken a few licks back in her day. 'Sippin' On History', which is the record's strongest offering and most likely a reference to ex-husband Nick Lachey, shows her beautifully laying down all the things they could have experienced together if their love would have lasted, as she proclaims:

"We could have had a big trampoline
Kids running round the yard
Superman and bottle cars
We could have had that one of a kind love
The kind that fits like a glove
That everybody's jealous of
We could have been"

'You're My Sunday', an ode to current beau Tony Romo, is beautiful track where she exclaims his power to make everything in her life pointless and be her calming force:

"When life is like a hurricane
Flying off the rails like a fast train
Everything around me is so insane
You come and take it all away
You're my Sunday"

Other notable track include, the spiritual 'Pray Out Loud', the Dolly Pardon written and assisted title track 'Do You Know, and 'Still Don't Stop Me', which seems like a take on her on and off again relationship with John Mayer.

While her debut set probably won't stop the reign of Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift in country music, her effort to pull from her failed romances and produce material that the public can relate to, more than proves she can compete with them.

4 out of 5

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