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Fashion Rocks 2008 Performances

The 2008 Fashion Rocks aired Tuesday in the US. Check out the performances from the big show (via The Celebrity Network) and my thoughts below:

Rihanna - 'Vogue'

I've often stated that Rihanna doesn't match any of the hype surrounding her, she's not a great singer or even a good one at that, her performances are all blah, and that the only thing she really has going for her is her fashion sense and good looks. This performance didn't change any of that, the prerecorded vocals were okay at best (but an improvement on Madonna for sure), she didn't look comfortable doing any of the dance moves, and furthermore the performance just lacked the original spunk and energy Madonna bought to it. Maybe next time?

Beyonce - 'At Last'

Great Performance, but 'At Last' is a timeless classic that I feel is probably better off left alone because nobody is ever going to sing it as good or better than Ms. James, herself did. With that said, Beyonce did a good job and bares a striking resemblance to the singer, but I just hope that transfers to film in the upcoming 'Cadillac Records', because with Ms. James battling addictions to heroin and struggling with life, I think the role would have been better suited for someone who can actually act, although Beyonce did do the best she could with the seriously unwritten role of Deena in 'Dreamgirls', I guess only time will tell if she actually pulls it off this time.

Black Eyed Peas - 'Miss You'

Good Performance, it's refreshing to see that Fergie's solo success hasn't effected her presence in the group that made her famous.

Chris Brown - Sam Cooke Tribute / 'Forever'

I guess it's safe to conclude that Rihanna is rubbing off on Chris and although Chris has never been strong in the art of live singing, this time the vocals took a new low right down to the surface of disastrous. Nothing about this performance was good, not even the dancing can save this one.

Fergie/Debbie Harry - 'Call Me'

A mixture of the good, the bad, and the down right ugly, especially the middle section that saw Fergie attempting and literally murdering some high notes. The Debbie Harry feature was pretty good and the past glam goddess showed she still got it.

Mariah Carey - 'I'm That Chick'

Mariah who do you think you're fooling? Just because you hit notes here and there still does not take away from the fact that you're lip syncing, and as usual with Mariah, this performance was magnificently BORING!

Solange - 'I Decided'

Basically the same performance we've seen all summer long, but Solange displayed a lot more confidence and it was glorifying to see Beyonce offer her support. Good Stuff.

Timbaland - Medley (ft. One Republic, Chris Conell & Pussycat Dolls)

Decent performances, but I have become increasingly tire of the Pussycat Dolls doing that same performance over and over again.

Motown Medley (With Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, & Kid Rock)

Good Stuff. Justin can really do no wrong and surprisingly the Kid Rock and Mary combo worked.

Great performance, but the hell does Beyonce have on? Damn B, you don't have to get into to character for EVERYTHING. These two had a lot chemistry going on too, that's just a thought.

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