Album Cover: Beyonce - 'I Am....Sasha Fierce' (Regular & Deluxe) - Celebrity Bug


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Album Cover: Beyonce - 'I Am....Sasha Fierce' (Regular & Deluxe)

Check out the official album covers for Beyonce's 'I Am...Sasha Fierce', the regular and deluxe editions respectively below:

The whole black and white looks she seems to be going for this time around, is just a bore, I mean I get it I Am Legend, hence the lack of color, but it just personally doesn't do anything for me.

In other Beyonce news, the singer has wormed her way into the Grammy entries, even though the deadline is September 30th and her singles didn't premiere until October 8th. It only goes to show that the Grammy's have become nothing more than a popularity contest and that the best work rarely wins theses days. Anyway, 'If I Were A Boy' is now up for Record of The Year, Song of The Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. 'Single Ladies' is now up for Best Female R&B Performance. Also, ‘At Last’ is now up for Best Traditional R&B Performance.

I feel sorry for the other artists that ACTUALLY have to follow the rules.

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