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Ciara on Firing Her Manager, 50 Cent, & Beyonce Stealing Her Song Concept

If Ciara lived in a fantasy world, she and 50’s platonic relationship wouldn’t be a topic of discussion, her former manager; Phillana Williams wouldn’t have anything dire to say about her, and inquiries about Beyonce’s, “If I Were A Boy” resembling her 2006 smash hit, “Like A Boy” wouldn’t exist. The ATL native recently stopped by Angela Yee’s, "Lip Service" radio program over at Shade 45’s Sirius Satellite Radio to discuss the aforementioned issues as well as her take on a certain gossip blogger who just can’t get the facts straight.

Ever since her hot and steamy, “I Can’t Leave Em Alone” clip with G-Unit head honcho, 50 Cent, the gossip mill couldn’t stop chit chatting about the duo’s newest domestic alliance. But of course, Ciara has since swatted away any connection regarding the pair and didn’t hesitate to do so when the "Lip Service" host brought a specific scenario to her attention. Angela Yee mentioned a past conversation with Robert Green, author to 50’s new book, “The 50th Law”, in which she asked Green, “Have you met his girlfriend?” Green replied, “Oh yea, Ciara, she’s always with him”. Yee then suggested how cute she and 50 Cent look as a couple in which Ciara retorted in a low tone, “We’re good friends”.

Seeing how Ciara is far from a confrontational figure, her feelings on Beyonce’s newest offering, “If I Were A Boy” which closely resembles her “Like A Boy” tune from her sophomore set, Ciara: The Evolution, were everything but harsh, “Well you know, it’s definitely the same concept; the actual song, but I really don’t have anything crazy to say about B and her choice of records. I have a lot of respect her, you know what I mean?” said the singer.

CiCi even revealed her support for Mrs. Carter and insisted woman beefing in the music business is only insidious to the industry, “Both she and I have had little conversations here and there and I think we both give each other equivalent support. I’ll just say that I’m supporting what she has going on right now and I’m excited about her project. I don’t think that, as woman, we should have beef within this industry; I’m not a rapper so I don’t really get into that either.”

In addition to the fueling rumors concerning her and Beyonce, she also, surprisingly, opened up about her recent split with long-time manager, Phillana Williams. The singer kept coy about the issue, but again, had nothing negative to say about her former employee, “I won’t get too much into details about it for many different reasons and like I say, I don’t want to say anything crazy about anybody, but I am no longer working with my old manager, Phillana Williams,” Ciara asserted.

Though details are sketchy about the split, Ciara remained positive and laminated the issue with an optimistic point of view, “We’ve had really cool years together, worked really hard together and I’ll never take that away from what it was, but it’s a new day and new things are happening, so I’m wishing her well with everything she has going on because she is a hard worker”, clarified CiCi. “She is a very, very focused individual and I enjoyed our years together; she was like family to me so I have nothing crazy to say.”

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