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Album Review: David Cook

The reigning American Idol champ David Cook, released his self-titled debut album this past Tuesday. Produced by Grammy winner Rob Cavallo, who's past credits include Green Day and Kid Rock, Cook co-wrote 9 of the album's 13 songs, a first for an Idol winner, at least right out of the gate.

Since former winners, Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks, are both without record deals after being dropped due to poor album sales, he has to work twice as hard to prove he can deliver the kind of success pasts winners Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson produced.

The opening track, 'Declaration', though not overly impressive, does set a nice tone for the album as this album is the declaration of who he is as a artist.

'Light On', the album's lead single, was crafted by rock innovator Chris Cornell (of Soundgarden and Audioslave), and is one of the album's better moments, though its takes a strict likening of a Soundgarden track.

The emotional 'Permanent, is an ode to his brother Adam, who is battling cancer, that really gets to your heart, definitely a enthralling track that rills you in by the deep passion in his vocal delivery.

Other standouts include: 'Life on the Moon' and 'I Did It For You'.

The bulk of the album, however is a lifeless depiction that uses his husky howl as a guide that only keeps him trapped in the box of the expected. The David Cook, the audience fell in love with took chances, as shown on Idol in his performance of the Mariah Carey classic, 'Always Be My Baby', and even his performance of Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean'.

The songwriting is amateurish and the production is not overly keen, its simple, most likely effective, at least to his core audience, but definitely won't skyrocket him to super stardom like his former Idol winning peers.

2 out of 5


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  2. Taylor Hicks has just signed with A2M (Artist to Market) distribution and will be releasing a brand new album on Feb 10, 2009 under his own label, "Modern Whomp Records". On Feb 17, 2009, he will be releasing an 2007 concert DVD from the infamous Warfield Theater in San Fransisco, CA. He is also currently starring in a national tour of the hit musical, Grease, (starts 12/2/08)where he will play the "Teen Idol". During the summer of 2008, he starred on Broadway at the Brooks Atkinson Theater in NYC playing the same role and received many kudos from the NYC press. Next summer, he will be on the road again, headlining another national tour in support of his new album.

    Glad I could clue you into what Taylor is up to.

  3. Taylor did NOT have 'poor album sales' as you so eloquently put it. He surpassed many others in really fantastic sales. He has been incredibly successful in his career as you can see above. The main problem he suffers from are bloggers like you who read up on other bloggers comments and don't actually do your homework as to the CORRECT information. When Taylor won he sadly had not been the EXPECTED winner by the Powers That Be at AI. Because they actually wanted Chris Daughtry to win. So poor Taylor was not given The Winners treatment. Daughtry was. They pimped and pushed his sales just in the same way they have done for Carrie. Taylor was pushed to the back and deliberatley forgotten about, He had to release his debut album later than Daughtry who stole the release date reserved for the winner. Taylor was given no prior single to advertise his debut, no video to back it up and DJ's were told NOT to play any of his singles should they be requested when he eventually go to release his cd. TPTB knew that all this would affect his sales. Daughtry album sales numbers were and still are being falsified just so that it LOOKS like he is more succesful. By the way these are not the ramblings of a proccupied granny Soul Patroller... I am young, highly succesful in my field as a Lawyer and not given to inane ramblings. I have been able to hear and see material that shocked me to the core about the illegal and corruptive practices that AI and Record Co alike, including the RIAA, are using to stay at the top of the Record Industry sales charts. I am thoroughly ashamed and sad that those people who innocently try to sell their music are being forced to 'go under' due to the greedy and grasping record promoters like Clive Davis and AI. There is a lot more going on under the surface than you know. If they WANT David Cook to be a success he will be, if not they have ways to 'dispose' of him proffessionally that will quickly lead to his demise as a chart topper.

  4. Poor album sales is the reason the label cited for him being dropped, he only sold around 800k, whereas all the other idols bought in bigger numbers (Kelly - 2 million, Ruben & Fantasia - 1.5 million, Carrie - 6 million, Jordin - 1 million) for their debuts. That stated IMO none of the Idols have had proper promotion, with the exception of Carrie Underwood, because the producers expect them to sale off the basis of the show and after that its up to them to release material and keep their name out their, which Taylor failed to do.


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