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Diddy Sets The Record Straight On Lil' Kim

As previously reported, Lil' Kim was highly pissed at her portrayal in the 'Notorious' biopic, and surprisingly she might have a reason to be, given Diddy has come to her defense stating that the movie doesn't accurately portray her. Check it out:

WOW! I mean this kind of comes as a surprise because this is Lil' Kim we're talking about, but biopics have been known to change things to generate more interest in the movie or just make it a better feature in general.

Tina Turner blasted her biopic, for downplaying her story, saying that it made light of the incidents between her and Ike, but honestly if the matters were any worse the movie would have been pushing on the lines of horror, so the changes were rightfully made. That said, at least Lil' Kim finally has some kind of validation, in her defense, behind the situation.

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  1. I never saw Kim as Big's jump off, I always thought he cared about her, he just ended up doing her wrong.


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