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Its Official: Aubrey Posed For Playboy

"I've done the cover of Playboy," she said late in December. "You know, I think that Playboy for me was one of the most liberating things that I've done as a woman."

Scanning the pics on her Macbook laptop while chilling in Costa Mesa, California, O'Day showed off the results of her session with photographer Markus Klinko, who has done portraits of Mariah Carey and Pamela Anderson in the past and who shot the cover of Beyoncé's 2003 album, Dangerously In Love.

Taken amid sessions for her solo debut, O'Day said she was surprised at the negative repercussions from her earlier, revealing shoot for Complex magazine, which is reported to have played a role in Diddy's decision to drop O'Day from the group.

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