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Jazmine Sullivan - 'In Love With Another Man' Video

In the video for "In Love With Another Man", Jazmine Sullivan tells the story of a woman burden with the dilemma of choosing between two men. Check out the short film, which was directed by Matthew Cherry, below:

The song is definitely dealing with a relateable subject, being torn between two men (or women), one that treats you right, but just doesn't completely have your heart, and the other that's did you wrong in the past, but still possesses ownership of that internal organ. Sadly, so many people choose to roll with door #2, knowing it will eventually lead to heartbreak AGAIN.

As for the video, I felt like the whole thing was cheaply put together, why not have Jazmine portraying the lead woman. I've also stressed how the black and white videos are played, unless some new energy is bought to light (ex: Brandy's "Long Distance"), which isn't present here. That said, it is one of her better videos, which expresses just how bad the first four were.

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